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1480 Lucrezia Borgia, patron of the arts.
1480 Lucrezia Borgia, patron of the arts.
1480 Lucretia Borgia, murderess (poison)/daughter (Pope Alexander VI)
1521 Fran‡ois de Coligny, ruler of van Andelot, French general (Jarnac)
1580 Thomas Middleton, English playwright (Game of Chess)
1590 Ahmed I, 14th sultan of Turkey (1603-17)
1605 Giacomo Carissimi, composer
1729 Gaetano B Vestris, Italian/French ballet dancer
1732 George Colman, "the Elder", playwright (baptised)
1740 Francis Baring, banker/merchant
1744 Pieter 't Hoen, Dutch journalist/patriot
1759 Jacques-Christian-Michel Widerkehr, composer
1764 Bernhard Anselm Weber, pianist/conductor/composer
1777 Ignac Ruzitska, composer
1786 Franz Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee, composer
1797 Louis-Adolphe Thiers, president of France
1803 Charles F Pahud de Montagnes, gov-gen of Neth East Indies (1856-61)
1806 Ludwig Schuberth, composer
1817 George Henry Lewes, English philosophical writer (Life of Goethe)
1819 Franz von Supp‚, Spalato Dalmatia, composer (Light Cavalry Over)
1820 Franz von Suppe, composer
1820 Franz von Suppe, composer
1839 Frantz Jehin-Prume, composer
1839 Henry Clarence Kendall, New South Wales Australia, poet (Bell Birds)
1842 Antero Tarquinio de Quental, Portugal, poet (Beatrice)
1845 Wilhelm Gericke, composer
1852 George Clausen, painter
1853 A.M. Sch”nflies --1928
1853 A.M. Sch”nflies --1928
1853 A.M. Sch”nflies --1928
1853 A.M. Sch”nflies --1928
1853 A.M. Sch”nflies --1928
1855 Abraham Bredius, Dutch art historian (Jan Steen)
1855 Josef Gruber, composer
1857 Clarence Darrow, legalized evolution.
1857 Clarence Darrow, legalized evolution.
1857 Clarence S Darrow, defense attorney at Scopes monkey trial
1859 Eduard G H H Cuypers, architect (Sanatorium High-Laren)
1863 Felix Blumenfeld, composer
1864 Richard Harding Davis, US, journalist/author (In The Fig)
1868 Didericus G van Epen, genealogist (Dutch Patriciate)
1871 Henry Stephenson, Brit WI, actor (Conquest, Little Old NY, Mr Lucky)
1873 Jean Roger-Ducasse, composer
1881 Hermann KJ Zilcher, German pianist/composer (Dr Eisenbart)
1881 Max Weber, Polish/Russian/US painter
1882 Leopold Stokowski
1882 Leopold Stokowski
1882 Leopold Stokowski
1882 Leopold Stokowski
1882 Leopold Stokowski
1882 Leopold Stokowski, London England, conductor (Cincinnati Symphony)
1884 Magda Janssens, Flemish/Neth actress/acting teacher (Maria Stuart)
1888 Arnold Henry Moore Lunn, skier
1889 Jessie Street, Austrialian pro womans/aborigine rights fighter
1889 John Kilbane, US, featherweight boxing champ (1912-23)
1890 James Rennie, Toronto Ontario, actor (Lash, Little Damozel)
1895 Anton F Pieck, Dutch illustrator (Efteling, Kaatsheuvel) [or April 19]
1896 C EugŠne Wegmann, Swiss geologist (Le Jura pliss‚)
1897 Pedro Regas, actor (Pat Paulsen's Half a Comedy Hour) [or Apr 12]
1898 Lord Leatherland, British journalist/Labour peer
1900 Louise Tazewell, [Louise Skiller Tazewell], entertainer
1901 L szl¢ N‚meth, Hungarian physician/author (Gy sz/Galilei)
1903 Leonid Kinskey, St Petersburg Russia, actor (Casablanca)
1903 Yury Sergeyevich Milyutin, composer
1906 Clara Eggink, [Ebbele], Dutch poetess (Life with JC Bloem)
1906 Edgar Unsworth, Justice of Appeals (Gibralter)
1907 Mikl¢s R¢zsa, Budapest Hungary, movie composer (Atomic Cafe, Fedora)
1907 Stephen Longstreet, American writer (All or Nothing)
1908 Edward Roberts, bishop (Ely)
1908 Henry Guinness, missionary
1908 Joseph Keilberth, German conductor (Bayreuther Festspiele)
1910 Jamie L Whitten, (Rep-D-MS, 1941- )
1910 Sylvia Fisher, soprano (Albert Herring Opera)
1911 Francis Frederick Johnson, architect
1911 George Huntington Hartford II, NYC, heir (A&P)
1912 John Lapworth Holt, boat Designer
1912 Wendy Barrie, Hong Kong, hostess (Wendy Barrie Show)
1913 Al Hodge, actor (Capt Video)
1913 Kent Wheeler Kennan, composer
1913 Milos Sokola, composer
1913 Susan Bosence, textile designer
1914 C S Nayudu, cricketer (brother of C K, 11 Tests as leggie)
1914 Henk Lankhorst, pacifist/Dutch MP (PSP)
1917 Louise Frederika, Queen of Greece
1918 Robert Zimonyi, Hungary, cox (Olympic-Hungary-bronze-1948/US-gold-64)
1918 Roger de Grey, president (Royal Academy)
1918 Tony Mottola, Kearney NJ, guitarist/host (Melody Street)
1920 Walter Clegg, MP
1921 Barbara Hale, Dekalb Ill, actress (Della Street-Perry Mason)
1922 Avril Angers, actress (Brass Monkey)
1923 Baroness Platt of Writtle, British CEO (Equal Opportunities Comm)
1923 Leif Panduro, Danish writer ('k Have varnish on traditions)
1924 Buxton Daeblite Orr, composer
1924 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Vinton La, blues singer (Mary is Fine)
1924 Henry J Hyde, (Rep-R-IL)
1924 Lord Mason of Barnsley, MP (Lab)/British defense secretary
1924 Raf de Linde, [Rapha‰l van Hecke], author (Vaarwel on Gertrude)
1925 Bob Hastings, Bkln NY, actor (McHale's Navy, All in the Family)
1925 Lionel Edmund "Sonny" Taylor, musician
1925 Robert Caldwell Crawford, composer
1926 Doug Insole, cricketer (England batsman of the 50's, nine Tests)
1926 Gunter Meisner, Germany, actor (Between Wars, Quiller Memorandum)
1927 Jim De Courcy, cricketer (in Newcastle Australian batsman 1953)
1928 Jean-Fran‡ois Pailliard, Vitry-le-Fran‡ois France, conductor
1929 Peter Hordern, British CEO (Fina)
1929 Peter Jeffrey, actor (Dr Phibes Rides Again, Twinsanity)
1930 Clive Revill, Wellington NZ, actor (Legend of Hell House)
1931 Klas Lestander, Sweden, 20K biathlon (Olympic-gold-1960)
1932 Dominic Milroy, OSB/headmaster (Ampleforth College England)
1933 Alan Devereux, CEO (Scottish Tourist Board)
1934 Jaap F Scherpenhuizen, Dutch MP (VVD)
1934 James Drury, NYC, actor (Virginian)
1934 Jan Klusak, composer
1934 Jap F Scherpenhuizen, Dutch MP (VVD)
1934 Mark Kingston, actor (Intimate Contact)
1935 Joel Hefley, (Rep-R-Colorado)
1935 Paul A Rothchild, record producer
1936 Brian Fuller, commandant (Fire Service College, England)
1936 Harold Innocent, [HS Harrison], English actor (Tall Guy)
1936 Madeleine Gillian Jinkinson, medical administrator
1937 Robert Hooks, Wash DC, actor (Fast Walking, Aaron Loves Angela)
1937 Tatyana Shchelkanova, USSR, long jumper (Olympic-bronze-1964)
1938 Andreas J "Cat" Liebenberg, supreme commander (S Afr army)
1939 Glen Hardin, rocker
1939 Von McDaniel, baseball player
1940 Ed Garvey, labor leader (Major League Baseball Players Assn)
1940 Ira von Furstenberg, [Virginia Caroline] Rome Italy, Princess (Monaco)
1940 Joseph L Goldstein, Sumter SC, physician (Nobel-1985)
1940 Skip Stephenson, Omaha Neb, comedian (Real People)
1941 Mike Vickers, rock guitarist (Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn)
1942 Dick K J Tommel, chemist/(D66) Dutch Asst Sec of State (1994- )
1942 Jochen Rindt, German race car driver
1944 Irvine Shillingford, cricketer (cousin of Grayson, 4 Tests for WI)
1944 Rudy Shackelford, composer
1946 Hayley Mills
1946 Hayley Mills
1946 Hayley Mills
1946 Hayley Mills
1946 Hayley Mills
1946 Alexander "Skip" Spence, Canada, guitarist/vocalist (Moby Grape-Omaha)
1946 Anne Boyd, composer
1946 Harvey Kagan, rocker
1946 Hayley Mills, London England, actress (Parent Trap, Pollyanna)
1946 Lenny Baker, rocker (Sha Na Na)
1947 David Gee, director (Friends of the Earth)
1947 Dorothy Lyman, Minneapolis Mn, (All my Children, Naomi-Mama's Family)
1947 James Woods, Warwick RI, actor (Salvador, Against All Odds)
1947 Lori Martin, Glendale Calif, actress (Velvet-National Velvet)
1948 Catherine Malfitano, NYC, soprano (Metropolitan Opera)
1948 Skip Stephenson, Omaha Neb, comedian (Real People)
1948 "Tiny" Nate Archibald, NBA guard (Cincinnati)
1950 Bill Sudderth III, trumpeteer (Atlantic Star-Touch 4 Leaf Clover)
1952 Jim Scholten, Midland Mich, country singer (Betty's Bein' Bad)
1953 Rick Moranis, Toronto, (SCTV, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs)
1954 Kim Stone, bassist (Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance)
1955 Amschel Rothschild, banker
1955 Anne-Marie Palli, Ciboure France, LPGA golfer (1992 ShopRite)
1956 Eric Roberts
1956 Eric Roberts
1956 Eric Roberts
1956 Eric Roberts
1956 Eric Roberts
1956 David Wayne Edwards, Neosho MO, PGA golfer (1980 Walt Disney)
1956 Eric Roberts, Miss, actor (Pope of Greenwich Village, King of Gypsies)
1956 John James, Minneapolis Mn, actor (Jeff Colby-Dynasty)
1956 Melody Thomas Scott, actress (Nikki-Young & Restless)
1958 Bernadette Robi, model/ex-wife of football player Lynn Swann
1958 Lee Pattinson, rock bassist (Echo & Bunnymen-Heaven Up Here)
1958 Malcolm Marshall, cricketer (WI quickie 1978-91, WI top wicket-taker)
1959 Jim Eisenreich, St Cloud MN, outfielder (Phila Phillies, Fla Marlins)
1960 Ocl Sweda, rocker (Bulletboys)
1961 Ian Doig, Seaforth Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1985 Florida Classic)
1961 Jane Leeves, London, actress (Murphy Brown, Daphne Moon-Fraiser)
1961 Jeff Cook, Muncie IN, Nike golfer (1990 Greater Ozarks Open)
1961 Kelly Hansen, heavy metal rocker (Hurricane-I'm on to You)
1961 Pamella Bordes, New Dehli India, Brit parliament prostitute
1962 Mick Sweda, heavy metal (Bulletboys, King Kobra-Ready to Strike)
1962 Shirlie Hollman, rocker (Pepsi & Shirley-All Right Now)
1962 Wilber Marshall, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
1963 Conan O'Brien
1963 Conan O'Brien
1963 Conan O'Brien
1963 Conan O'Brien
1963 Conan O'Brien
1963 Conan Chris O'Brien, Brookline Mass, TV host (Late Night)
1963 Phil Simmons, cricketer (West Indian opening batsman)
1965 Diana Villegas, rocker (Triplets)
1965 Sylvia Villegas, rocker (Triplets)
1965 Vicky Villegas, rocker (Triplets)
1966 Chuck Wade, Menomonee Falls Wisc, diver (Olympics-96)
1966 Michelle Chryst, WPVA volleyballer (Santa Cruz-17th-1994)
1966 Valeri Kamensky, Voskresensk Rus, NHL left wing (Avalanche, Oly-S-98)
1967 Jayce Fincher Jr, heavy metal bassist (Southgang-Tainted Angel)
1967 Kenneth Gant, NFL safety (Tampa Bay Bucs)
1967 Marcel Valk, soccer player (RKC, Go Ahead Eagles)
1968 Christian Slater, actor (Tucker, Wizard, Young Guns 2) [or Aug 19]
1969 Vladimir Tsyplakov, Inta Rus, NHL left wing (LA Kings, Belarus 1998)
1970 Carl Simpson, NFL defensive tackle (Chic Bears)
1970 Francois Leroux, Ste-adele, NHL defenseman (Pitts Penguins)
1970 Heike Friedrich, East Germany swimmer (world record 200m)
1970 Peter Giles, London Ontario, kayaker (Olympics-96)
1970 Vladimir Antipin, hockey defenseman (Team Kazakhstan Oly-1998)
1970 William Roaf, NFL tackle (NO Saints)
1971 Dan Kordic, Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Phila Flyers)
1971 Kerry Lynn Kemper, Miss Nebraska USA (1996)
1971 Oleg Petrov, Moscow Rus, NHL right wing (Montreal Canadiens)
1972 Jeff Traversy, CFL defensive tackle (Calgary Stampeders)
1973 Derrick Brooks, NFL linebacker (Tampa Bay Bucs)
1973 Haile Gebresleassie, Ethiopia, 10k runner (Olympics-gold-96)
1973 James "Jamie" Koven, Morristown NJ, rower (Olympics-5th-1996)
1976 Melissa Joan Hart
1976 Melissa Joan Hart
1976 Melissa Joan Hart
1976 Melissa Joan Hart
1976 Melissa Joan Hart
1976 Melissa Joan Hart, Sayville NY, actress (Clarissa, Sabrina)
1992 Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love


310 St Eusebius begins his reign as Catholic Pope
387 Bishop Ambrosius of Milan baptizes Augustinus
1521 Parliament of Worms: Cardinal Alexander questions Maarten Luther
1552 Mauritius of Saksen occupies Linz
1599 Valencia arch duke Albrecht of Austrian marries Isabella of Spain
1663 Osman declares war on Austria
1666 Peace of Kleef: Netherlands & bishop Von Galen of Mnster
1676 Sudbury, Mass attacked by Indians
1775 "The British are Coming!" Paul Revere rides.
1775 "The British are Coming!" Paul Revere rides.
1775 Paul Revere & William Dawes warn "British are coming!"
1775 Paul Revere rides from Charleston to Lexington
1797 France & Austria signs cease fire
1809 1st run of 2,000 guineas horse race at Newmarket England
1834 Charles Darwin sails to Rio Santa Cruz up Patagonia
1835 William Lamb Lord Melbourne forms British Govt
1838 Wilkes' expedition to South Pole sails
1853 1st train in Asia (Bombay to Tanna, 36 km)
1856 Russian Republic Chancellor Earl von Nesselrode resigns
1861 Battle of Harpers Ferry, VA
1861 Col Robert E Lee turns down offer to command Union armies
1862 Battle of Ft Jackson, Ft St Philip & New Orlean's, LA
1864 Battle of Poison Springs, AR (Camden Expedition)
1865 Confederate Gen Johnson surrendered to Gen Sherman in North Carolina
1868 San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals born.
1868 San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals born.
1868 San Francisco Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals formed
1869 First International Cricket Match held in SF, won by Californian
1869 First International Cricket Match held in SF, won by Californian
1869 1st international cricket match, held in SF, wins by Californian
1876 Daniel O'Leary completes a 500 mile walk in 139 hrs 32 min
1879 Trial of Standing Bear-Crook on indians citizen rights begins
1881 Natural History Museum of South Kensington England opens
1890 NY Commission of Emigration ends, closing Castle Clinton
1899 John McGraw, at 36, managerial debut as Oriole manager
1902 Denmark is 1st country to adopt fingerprinting to identify criminals
1904 L'Humanit‚, under Jean JaurŠs begins publishing
1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, "The Big One"
1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, "The Big One"
1906 8.25 earthquake shakes SF Calif
1906 Calvinist Reformed Union in Neth Church forms in Utrecht
1906 SF earthquake & fire kills nearly 4,000 & destroys 75% of city
1907 Fairmont Hotel opens.
1907 Fairmont Hotel opens.
1907 Augustus Thomas' "Witching Hour," premieres in NYC
1907 Fairmont Hotel opens
1908 Tommy Burns KOs Jewy Smith in 5 for heavyweight boxing title
1909 Joan of Arc declared a saint
1918 Cleveland center fielder Tris Speaker turns an unassisted double play
1921 Junior Achievement incorporated in Colorado Springs Colo
1921 Philip James Barry's "Punch for Judy," premieres in NYC
1922 Netherlands soccer team defeats Denmark 2-0
1923 74,000 (62,281 paid) on hand for opening of Yankee Stadium
1923 Poland annexes Central Lithuania
1924 1st crossword puzzle book published (Simon & Schuster)
1925 World's fair opens in Chicago
1926 Rhein Stadium opens in Dusseldorf Germany
1927 Chiang Kai-Shek forms anti-govt in China
1929 Palace for People's industry in Amsterdam devastated by fire
1934 First "Washateria" (Laundromat) is opened, in Fort Worth, Texas
1934 First "Washateria" (Laundromat) is opened, in Fort Worth, Texas
1934 1st "Washateria" (laundromat) opens (Ft Worth, Tx)
1934 Hitler names J von Ribbentrop, ambassador for disarmament
1935 Gen Sarazen's double eagle on 15th, wins him his 2nd Masters
1935 Netherlands election (Musserts NSB wins 8% of vote)
1936 The Pan Am "Clipper" begins regular passenger flights from San Francisco to Honolulu.
1936 The Pan Am "Clipper" begins regular passenger flights from San Francisco to Honolulu.
1936 Pan-Am Clipper begins regular passenger flights from SF to Honolulu
1938 Headless Mad Butcher victim found in Cleveland
1939 Franz von Papen becomes German ambassador in Turkey
1939 Hubert Pierlot forms Belgian government
1942 "Stars & Stripes" paper for US armed forces starts
1942 James H Doolittle bombs Tokyo & other Japanese cities
1942 Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 3
1944 48th Boston Marathon won by Gerard Cot‚ of Canada in 2:31:50.4
1944 Leonard Bernstein & Jerome Robbins' ballet premieres in NYC
1945 1 armed outfielder, St L Brown Pete Gray, 1st game he goes 1 for 4
1945 Epe freed (by corporal G van Aken)
1945 Clandestine Radio 1212, after broadcasting pro-nazi propoganda for months used their influence to trap 350,000 German army group B troops
1946 "Call Me Mister" opens at National Theater NYC for 734 performances
1946 Jackie Robinson debuts as 2nd baseman for the Montreal Royals
1946 League of Nations dissolves (3 months after UN starts)
1946 Rome/Auerbach/Horwitt's musical "Call Me Mister," premieres in NYC
1946 US recognizes Tito's Yugoslavia govt
1948 International Court of Justice opens at Hague Netherlands
1949 Irish Republic comes into existence
1949 Irish Republic comes into existence
1949 Republic of Ireland withdraws from British Commonwealth
1950 First transatlantic jet passenger trip
1950 First transatlantic jet passenger trip
1950 1st opening night-game, Cards beat Pirates, 4-2
1950 1st transatlantic jet passenger trip
1950 Polish Catholic church & govt sign accord over relations
1950 Sam Jethroe is 1st black to play for Boston Braves
1950 Yankees win 15-10 after trailing Red Sox 9-0 in 6th
1951 "Make a Wish" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 102 performances
1951 Dutch Antilles govt of Da Costa Gomez forms
1951 France, West Germany & Benelux form European Steel & Coal Community
1951 NY Yankee Mickey Mantle goes 1-for-4 in his 1st game
1953 "Pal Joey" closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 542 performances
1954 Colonel Nasser seizes power & becomes PM of Egypt
1954 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Babe Didrikson-Zaharias Golf Open
1955 "Ankles Aweigh" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 176 perfs
1955 1st "Walk"/"Don't Walk" lighted street signals installed
1955 1st Bandoeng Conference - Afro-Asian conference opens
1956 Egypt & Israel agree to a cease fire
1956 Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco (civil ceremony)
1958 Govt troops reconquer Padang, Middle-Sumatra Indonesia
1958 NL single-game record of 78,682, Giants lose to Dogers 6-5, in LA
1959 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 games to 1
1962 16th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat LA Lakers, 4 games to 3
1963 "Sophie" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 8 performances
1963 Dr James Campbell performed the 1st human nerve transplant
1963 Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs beat Detroit Red Wings, 4 games to 1
1964 "Cafe Crown" closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 3 performances
1964 "Foxy" closes at Ziegfeld Theater NYC after 72 performances
1964 Artisans strike in Belgium ends
1964 Sandy Koufax is 1st to strike out the side on 9 pitches
1964 Van Joe Orton's "Entertaining Mr Sloane"
1966 Bill Russell became 1st black coach in NBA history (Boston Celtics)
1968 178,000 employees of US Bell Telephone System go on strike
1968 1st ABA basketball championship began
1968 Dutch Department of Amnesty International forms
1968 London Bridge is sold to US oil company (to be erected in Arizona)
1968 Mart Crowley's "Boys in the Band," premieres in NYC
1968 Peter Luke's "Hadrian VII," premieres in London
1968 SF's Old Hall of Justice demolished
1968 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 Melina Mercouri establishes Greek Aid Fund
1971 Gavaskar makes 220 in 2nd inning v WI after 124 in 1st
1971 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Raleigh Golf Classic
1972 "Lost in the Stars" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 39 performances
1974 Red Brigade kidnaps Italian attorney general Mario Sossi
1975 John Lennon releases "Stand by Me"
1976 30th Tony Awards: Travesties & Chorus Line win
1976 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Karsten- Ping Golf Open
1977 "Side by Side by Sondheim" opens at Music Box NYC for 390 perfs
1977 6th Boston Women's Marathon won by Miki Gorman of Calif in 2:48:33
1977 81st Boston Marathon won by Jerome Drayton of Canada in 2:14:46
1977 Alex Haley, author of "Roots," awarded Pulitzer Prize
1977 Eddie Murray hits his 1st HR
1977 Pulitzer prize awarded to Michael Cristofer for "Shadow Box"
1977 Stephen Sondheim's musical "Side by Side" premieres in NYC
1978 US Senate approves transfer of Panama Canal to Panama
1978 US Senate approves transfer of Panama Canal to Panama
1978 Senate votes to turn Panama Canal over to Panama on Dec 31, 1999
1979 "Real People" premieres on NBC TV
1979 Major Haddad declares South-Lebanon independent
1980 Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia) declares independence from UK
1981 Pawtucket & Rochester start a 33-inning baseball game
1982 Atlanta Braves win record 11th straight opening game (beat Astros)
1982 Canada Constitution Act replaces British North America Act
1982 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA CPC Women's Golf International
1982 Zimbabwe capital Salisbury renamed Harare
1983 12th Boston Women's Marathon won by Joan Benoit Samuelson in 2:22:43
1983 87th Boston Marathon won by Greg Meyer of Mass in 2:09:00
1983 A lone suicide bomber kills 63, at US Embassy in Lebanon
1983 Alice Walker wins Pulitzer Prize for "The Color Purple"
1983 KMO-AM in Tacoma Wash changes call letters to KAMT (now KKMO)
1983 Pulitzer prize awarded to Alice Walker for "Color Purple"
1983 Rangers 3-Isles 1-Patrick Div Finals-Series tied at 2-2
1984 Challenger flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
1984 Joan Benoit runs world record female marathon (2:22:43)
1985 Flyers 3-Isles 0-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 1-0 lead
1986 Robert M Gates, becomes deputy director of CIA
1986 Titan rocket explodes seconds after liftoff from Vandenberg AFB
1987 An unconscious skydiver is rescued by another diver in mid-air
1987 Bob Land wins his 6th straight Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race
1987 Mike Schmidt hits 500th home run (vs Robinson-Pirates)
1987 Pat Knauff, France sets 1-leg downhill ski speed record (115.012 mph)
1987 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Maralinga Australia
1988 17th Boston Women's Marathon won by Rosa Mota of Portugal in 2:24:30
1988 92nd Boston Marathon won by Ibrahim Hussein of Kenya in 2:08:43
1988 Barbra Streisand records "Warm All Over"
1989 Zimbabwe gains independence
1990 Bankruptcy court forces Frank Lorenzo to give up Eastern Airlines
1990 Birmingham Fire issued an original franchise in WLAF
1990 Supreme Court rules states could make it a crime to possess or look at child pornography, even in one's home
1991 Census Bureau said it failed to count up to 63 million in 1990 census
1991 Congress ends railroad worker 1 day strike
1991 John Stockton breaks his own NBA season assist record at 1,136
1992 Start of South Africa's 1st Test Cricket since 1970 (v WI Bridgetown)
1992 Tennis ace Stefan Edberg marries Annette Olsen in Sweden
1993 "Ain't Broadway Grand" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 25 perfs
1993 54th PGA Seniors Golf Championship: Tom Wargo
1993 Beirut-hostage Terry Anderson marries Madeleine Bassil
1993 David Lee Roth arrested in NYC for purchasing marijuana for $10
1993 Trish Johnson wins LPGA Atlanta Women's Golf Championship
1994 "Beauty & the Beast" opens at Palace Theater NYC
1994 23rd Boston Women's Marathon won by Uta Pippig of Germany in 2:21:45
1994 98th Boston Marathon won by Cosmas Ndeti of Kenya in 2:07:15
1994 Arsenio Hall announces he will end his show in May 1994
1994 Brian Lara scores 375 for WI vs England to beat Sobers' record
1994 Cricketer Brian Lara hits 375 runs on 1 day (world record)
1994 Former President Nixon suffered a stroke & dies 4 days later
1994 Lebanon drops relations with Iran
1994 Roseanne Barr Arnold files for divorce from Tom Arnold
1994 STS-59 (Endeavour) lands [approx]
1995 Houston Post folds after 116 years
1995 Quarterback Joe Montana announces his retirement from football
1996 "Funny Thing Happened," opens at St James Theater NYC for 715 perfs

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