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1469 Giovanni della Robbia, Ital's sculptor
1611 Innocent XI, [Benedetto Odescalchi], Italy, 240th Pope (1676-89)
1616 Johann Jacob Froberger, German singer/organist/composer
1746 Johann Friedrich Peter, composer
1755 Gabriele Prota, composer
1762 Johann G Fichte German philosopher (Wissenschaftslehre)
1770 Antoine-Charles Glachant, composer
1795 Johns Hopkins, philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University
1808 Samuel Jameson Gholson, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1883
1812 Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1862
1815 John Gross Barnard, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1882
1828 Adin Ballou Underwood, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1832 E. Bour --1866
1832 E. Bour --1866
1832 E. Bour --1866
1832 E. Bour --1866
1832 E. Bour --1866
1839 Alice Mary Smith, composer
1858 Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, French officer/traveller (Surinam)
1859 Nellie Melba, [Heal Mitchell], Australian soprano (Peach Melba)
1860 Victor E Orlando, Italy's premier (1917-19)
1862 G. Loria --1954
1862 G. Loria --1954
1862 G. Loria --1954
1862 G. Loria --1954
1862 G. Loria --1954
1864 Carl Ethan Akeley, US, naturalist, devoleped animal mount process
1869 Jules Poncelet, Belgian minister of State
1873 Federico Gerdes, composer
1874 Gilbert Laird Jessop, cricketer (The Croucher)
1876 Saint-Georges de Bouch‚lier, French author (Le Rois Sans Couronne)
1878 Adam von Ahn Carse, composer
1879 Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, US/Eng's feminist/ex of Waldorf Astor
1880 Allard R Hulshoff, architect of Amsterdam (1924)
1883 Henricus WJM Keuls, Dutch lawyer/poet (Dancing Lamp)
1884 Arthur Meulemans, Belgian composer (Adriaan Brouwer) (or 5/10)
1890 Ho Chi Minh, trail blazer
1890 Ho Chi Minh, trail blazer/leader of Vietnam (1946, 1969)
1890 Ho Chi Minh, trail blazer
1892 Konstatin G Paustovski, Russian author (Povestj Zjizni) [OS]
1895 Albert Hay Malotte, composer
1895 Cecil Gray, composer
1896 Michael Balcon, Birmingham England, producer/father of Jill Balcon
1899 Leonid Maksimovich Leonov, novelist/playwright
1901 Ivo Cruz, composer
1904 Anthony Bushell, Kent England, actor (Journey's End)
1904 Sven Thofelt, Sweden, pentathlete (Olympic-gold-1928)
1909 Bruce Bennett, Tacoma Wash, actor (Before I Hang, Sahara)
1909 Schlomo Joffe, composer
1910 Alan Melville, cricketer (graceful South African batsman 1938-49)
1913 Albert Hardy, photographer
1913 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, president of India
1915 Pol Pot, dictator/mass murderer
1918 Mike Wallace, interogator.
1918 Florence Chadwick, swimmer (1st to swim English Channel both ways)
1918 Mike Wallace, interogator.
1919 Betty Jameson, Norman OK, LPGA golfer (1947 US Women's Open)
1921 Charles van de Reve, slavic (Belief of Kameraden)
1921 Daniel Gelin, Angers France, Maria Schneider's dad, actor (Obsession)
1921 Karel van het Reve, Dutch Slavist (Comrade's Religion)
1922 David McLean, Akron Oh, actor (Tate-Tate)
1924 Sandy Galbraith Wilson, composer
1925 Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
1925 Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
1925 Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
1925 Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
1925 Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
1925 Malcolm X, [Little], [Detroit Red], Omaha NB, founder (Black Muslims)
1926 Paul Cooper, composer
1928 Anthony C B Chapman, England, sports car builder/autoracer (Formula 1)
1929 Harvey Cox, US theologist (Secular City)
1929 Michael Adamis, composer
1930 Hans Kox, composer
1930 Lorraine Hansberry, playwright (Raisin in the Sun)
1931 Eric Davidson, comedy scriptwriter
1931 Ruben Radica, composer
1934 David Sinclair, actor (Love & Hate)
1934 James Charles Lehrer, Wichita Ks, news anchor (McNeil-Lehrer Report)
1934 Jan Wijn, Dutch pianist
1935 David Hartman, Pawtucket RI, TV personality (Good Morning America)
1935 F R Fries, writer
1936 Elisabeth Schwartz, Austria, pairs figure skater (Olympic-gold-1956)
1937 Sanne Sannes, Dutch photographer
1938 James H Bilbray, (Rep-D-Nevada)
1939 James Fox
1939 James Fox
1939 James Fox
1939 James Fox
1939 James Fox
1939 17th earl of Pembroke, English landowner/director (Emily)
1939 Francis R Scobee, Wash, USAF/astronaut (STS 41C, 51L-Chal disaster)
1939 James Fox, London England, actor (Greystoke)
1939 Nancy Kwan, Hong Kong, actress (Flower Drum Song, World of Suzie Wong)
1939 Richard Lowe Teitelbaum, composer
1939 Tomasz Sikorski, composer
1940 Carlos Diegues, actor (Xica)
1940 Frank Lorenzo, airline executive (Continental, Texas Air, Eastern)
1940 Joan Staley, playmate (Nov, 1958)
1940 Mickey Newbury, rocker
1941 Nora Ephron
1941 Nora Ephron
1941 Nora Ephron
1941 Nora Ephron
1941 Nora Ephron
1941 Jane Brody, writer/nutritionist
1941 Jimmy Hoffa Jr, son of Jimmy Hoffa/Teamster union leader
1941 Marc-Antonio Consoli, composer
1941 Nora Ephron, NY, novelist/screenwriter/director (Michael, Heartburn)
1942 Gary Kildall, creator of CP/M
1942 James Topping, author of CP/M
1945 Pete Townshend
1945 Pete Townshend
1945 Pete Townshend
1945 Pete Townshend
1945 Pete Townshend
1945 Peter Townshend, England, rock guitarist/vocalist/composer (Who-Tommy)
1946 Diedre Lenihan, Atlanta Ga, actress (Wendy-Needles & Pins)
1946 Mary Bryan, LPGA golfer
1946 Michele Placido, Foggia Italy, actor (La Lupa, Poliziotti)
1946 Phillip Rudd, Melbourne, rock drummer (AC/DC-Rock 'n Roll Damnation)
1947 Jerry Hyman, Bkln, rock singer/trombonist (Blood Sweat & Tears)
1948 Grace Jones, [Mendoza], Spanishtown Jamacia, singer/actress (Vamp)
1948 Jean-Pierre Haignere, France, cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-17)
1948 Tom Scott, LA, saxophonist/bandleader (Pat Sajak Show)
1949 Dusty Hill, rocker (ZZ Top)
1952 Grace Jones
1952 Grace Jones
1952 Grace Jones
1952 Grace Jones
1952 Grace Jones
1952 Barbara Loomis, rocker (BT Express)
1952 Joey Ramone, [Jeffrey Hyman], rock drummer (Ramones-Baby I Love You)
1953 Henry Lascelles, English grandson of princess Mary
1954 Rick Cerone, Newark NJ, catcher (Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Expos)
1955 Ed Whitson, pitcher (NY Yankees, SD Padres)
1955 Pierre J Thuot, Groton Conn, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS 36, 49, 62)
1956 Althea Gwyn, WBL center (NY Stars)
1956 Martyn Ware, rocker (Heaven 17-Electric Dreams)
1956 Steve Ford, actor (Young & Restless)/son of Pres Gerald Ford
1957 Bill Laimbeer, NBA forward (Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons)
1957 Sophia Crawford, London England, actress (Power Rangers)
1959 Nicole Brown Simpson, Frankford Germany, Mrs OJ Simpson (murdered)
1961 Lisa Rathgber, Hillsboro Ill, bowler (LPBT Rookie of Year 1980)
1961 Lisa Wagner, bowler (3-time LPBT Player of Year, Bowler of Decade)
1962 Iain Harvie, Scottish rock guitarist (Nothing Ever Happens)
1963 Rebecca Bradley, LPGA golfer
1963 Yazz, [Yasmin Evans], Mrs Simon La Bon/rocker (Fine Time)
1964 Michael Dean Standly, Abilene TX, PGA golfer (1993 Freeport-McMoRan)
1965 Edward Odumbe, cricketer (Kenyan pace bowler 1996 World Cup)
1965 Joshua Rifkind, actor (Marshall Chronicles)
1966 Keith Jennings, NFL tight end (Chic Bears)
1966 Marc Bureau, Trois Rivieres, NHL center (Montreal Canadiens)
1967 John Friesz, NFL quarterback (Seattle Seahawks)
1967 Turk Wendell, Pittsfield MA, pitcher (Chic Cubs)
1968 James Parrish, NFL outside linebacker (Pitts Steelers)
1968 Jeanne Basone, Brubank Calif, wrestler (Hollywood-GLOW)
1968 Mark Janssens, Surrey, NHL center (Hartford Whalers)
1968 Paul Justin, NFL quarterback (Indianapolis Colts)
1969 Cecile Ulbrich Tucker, Warren Maine, rower (Olympics-96)
1969 David Wharton, Warminster PA, US Olympic swimmer (Olympic-silver-88)
1969 Kevin Scott, WLAF cornerback (Scotland Claymores)
1969 Richard Dumas, NBA forward (Phila 76ers)
1971 Darryl Morrison, NFL safety (Washington Redskins)
1971 Lori Ann Mundt, Yorkton Saskatchawan, volleyball player (Olympics-96)
1972 Ronald Williams, CFL running back (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
1972 Willie Brown, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Seattle Seahawks. Rhein Fire)
1973 Andreas Johansson, Hofors SWE, NHL forward (Pitts, NY Islanders)
1976 Kevin Garnett, NBA forward (Minnesota Timberwolves)


715 St Gregory II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1506 Columbus selects his son Diego as sole heir
1515 George van Saksen-Meissen sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles
1517 Philip van Bourgondie installed as bishop of Utrecht
1547 Monarch Johan Frederik surrenders to Karel
1568 English queen Elizabeth I arrests Scottish queen Mary
1571 Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi founded Manilla in the Phillipines
1585 Spain confisquates English ships
1588 Spanish Armada sets sail for Lisbon, bound to England
1608 Matthias von Habsburgs army reaches Lieben, at Prague
1635 France declares war on Spain
1643 Battle at Rocroi/Allersheim: French army destroys Spanish army
1643 Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut & New Harbor form United Colonies of New England
1652 Spanish troops occupy Grevelingen
1662 Uniformity Act of England goes into effect
1749 George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley
1780 About midday, near-total darkness descends on much of New England to this day it's cause is still unexplained
1792 Russian army enters Poland
1793 Netherlands captures French island of St Maarten (held until 1795)
1796 Game protection law restricts encroachment on Indian hunting grounds
1802 French Order of L‚gion d'Honneur forms
1848 1st department store opens
1848 Mexico gives Texas to US, ending the war
1853 Dutch prince Henry marries princess Amalia of Saxony-Weimar
1856 Sen Charles Sumner, Mass, spoke out against slavery
1857 William Francis Channing & Moses G Farmer patents electric fire alarm
1862 The Homestead Act becomes law.
1862 The Homestead Act becomes law.
1862 Homestead Act becomes law provides cheap land for settlement of West
1863 Siege of Vicksburg, investment of city complete
1864 Battle of Port Walthall Junction, VA (Bermuda Hundred)
1864 Last engagement in series of battles known as Spotsylvania
1864 Skirmish at Cassville Georgia
1865 President Jefferson Davis is captured by Union Cavalry in Georgia
1878 Blanche Kelso Bruce appointed register of treasury by Pres Garfield
1884 Ringling Brothers circus premieres
1885 1st mass production of shoes (Jan Matzeliger in Lynn, Massachusetts)
1885 German chancellor Bismarck takes possession of Cameroon & Togoland
1885 Jan Matzeliger begins 1st mass production of shoes
1886 Camille Saint-Sa‰ns' 3rd Symphony in C, premieres
1891 Rice Institute, which became Rice University, is chartered
1892 Charles Brady King invents pneumatic hammer
1892 National Society of Colonial Dames of America founded
1893 Heavy rain wash "quick clay" into a deep valley, kills 111 (Norway)
1896 1st auto (Benz) to arrive in Netherlands
1898 Post Office authorizes use of postcards
1900 Great Britain annexes Tonga archipelago
1900 World's longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) links Italy & Switz, opens
1902 Great Britain & Boers resume peace talks in Pretoria
1905 Tom Jenkins beats Frank Gotcha for heavyweight wrestling champ
1906 Dutch King Victor Emmanuel & Swiss president open Simplon tunnel
1906 Federated Boys' Club (Boys' Club of America) organizes
1906 Italian King Victor Emmanuel & Swiss president open Simplon tunnel
1906 Portugal's King Carlos I names Joao Franco premier
1909 Jack Johnson fights Jack O'Brien to no decision in 6 for boxing title
1910 Cleve Indian Cy Young gets his 500th win, beats Wash 5-4 in 11 innings
1911 Maurice Ravels opera "L'Heure Espagnole," premieres in Paris
1911 Phila Athletics are 12« games back in AL, & will win World Series
1912 AL Pres Ban Johnson tells Tigers if they continue protest of Ty Cobb's suspension, they will be banned from baseball
1913 Webb Alien Land-Holding Bill passes, forbidding Japs from owning land
1916 Escadrille Am‚ricaine (Lafayette) transfered to Verdun
1918 Wash 1st Sunday game, Senators beat Cleveland 1-0 in 18 innings
1921 Congress sharply curbs immigration, setting a national quota system
1923 49th Kentucky Derby: Earl Sande aboard Zev wins in 2:05.4
1923 KPD (communist revolts) in German Ruhr cities occupied by Allies
1926 French air force bombs Damascus Syria
1928 "Firedamp" explodes in Mather Pa coal mine killing 195 of 273 miners
1928 51 frogs enter 1st annual "Frog Jumping Jubilee" (Angel's Camp, Cal)
1928 Explosion in coal mine in Mather, Pennsylvania, 195 die
1929 Cloudburst causes stampede in Yankee Stadium crushes 2 people to death
1929 General Feng Yu-Xiang of China declares war on Chiang Kai-Shek govt
1930 White woman win voting rights in South-Africa
1931 Ironclad cruiser Germany launched in Kiel
1934 Military coup by Col Damian Veltsjev in Bulgaria
1934 Sherlock Holmes crossword puzzle in "Sat Review of Lit" Males who solved puzzle became members of Baker Street Irregulars
1935 NFL adopts an annual college draft to begin in 1936
1937 John Murray/Allen Boretz' "Room Service," premieres in NYC
1939 Churchill signs British-Russian anti-nazi pact
1940 Amsterdam time becomes MET (Middle European Time)
1940 French counter attack at P‚ronne under Gen De Gaulle
1941 Germany occupiers in Holland forbid bicycle taxis
1941 New nazi battleship Bismarck leaves Gdynia, Poland
1942 Braves Paul Waner is 3rd NLer to get 3,000 hits (Anson & Wagner)
1943 Berlin is declared "Judenrien" (free of Jews)
1943 Churchill pledges England's full support to US against Japan
1944 240 gypsies transported to Auschwitz from Westerbork Neth
1944 German defense line in Italy collapsed
1945 Start of the 1st Victory Test Cricket between England & Aust Services
1946 Dutch Cooperation for Sexual Reform (NVSH) forms in Amsterdam
1950 NY Times reports of worlds smallest & dumbest mechanical brain
1951 77th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Bold wins in 1:56.4
1951 UN begins counter offensive in Korea
1953 Nuclear explosion in Nevada (fall-out in St George, Utah)
1954 Postmaster General Summerfield approves CIA mail-opening project
1955 Atkinson & Depeiaza make 347 stand for 7th wkt WI v Australia
1956 82nd Preakness: Bill Hartack aboard Fabius wins in 1:58.4
1956 Pirate Dale Long hits 9th-inning HR, 1st HR in 8 straight games
1957 Adone Zoli forms Italian govt
1958 Premiere of Harold Pinter's "Birthday Party," in London
1958 South Pacific soundtrack album goes to #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks
1958 US & Canada form North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)
1959 Jan de Quay becomes premier of Netherlands
1960 Alan Freed & eight other DJ accused of taking radio payola
1960 Belgian parliament requires rest day for self employed
1960 DJ Alan Freed is accused of bribery in radio payola scandal
1960 Juan Marichal debuts as SF Giant pitcher, beats Phillies on 1 hitter
1960 USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 33,222 m
1961 New pier opens in Scheveningen
1962 "Bravo, Giovanni" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 76 performances
1962 "John Birch Society," by Chad Mitchell Trio hits #99
1962 88th Preakness: John Rotz aboard Greek Money wins in 1:56.2
1962 Indonesian paratroopers land in New Guinea
1962 Stan Musial breaks Honus Wagner's NL hit record with 3,431
1962 US performs nuclear test at Christmas Island (atmospheric)
1963 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Muskogee Civitan Golf Open
1964 US diplomats find at least 40 secret microphones in Moscow embassy
1965 Patricia R Harris named 1st US black female ambassador (Luxembourg)
1965 West Ham United wins 5th Europe Cup II
1967 US bombs Hanoi
1967 USSR ratifies treaty with Engl & US banning nuclear weapons in space
1968 20th Emmy Awards: Get Smart, Mission Impossible & Barbara Bain
1968 Frank Howard fails to homer, after hitting 10 in 6 consecutive games
1968 Pirate Radio Brumble of Northern England 1st heard
1971 USSR launches Mars 2, 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars
1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1972 WMAV TV channel 18 in Oxford, MS (PBS) begins broadcasting
1973 "Daisy" A Day by Jud Strunk hits #14
1973 "Smith" opens at Eden Theater NYC for 17 performances
1973 99th Preakness: Ron Turcotte aboard Secretariat wins in 1:54.4
1974 Joanne Carner Golf Invitational wins LPGA Bluegrass
1974 Stanley Cup: Phila Flyers beat Boston Bruins, 4 games to 2
1974 Valeri Giscard d'Estaing wins French presidential election
1975 27th Emmy Awards: Mary Tyler Moore Show, Robert Blake & Jean Marsh
1975 Farm truck packed with wedding party struck by a train, killing 66 in truck, 40 miles south of Poona, India
1975 Junko Tabei is 1st woman to climb to the top of Mount Everest
1976 Gold ownership legalized in Australia
1976 Liverpool wins 5th UEFA Cup at Bridge
1976 Senate establishes permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
1976 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1977 "Smokey & the Bandit," premieres
1979 "In The Navy" by Village People hits #3
1979 105th Preakness: Ron Franklin aboard Spectacular Bid wins in 1:54.2
1979 Guitarist Eric Clapton marries Patti Boyd
1980 "Blackstone" opens at Majestic Theater NYC for 104 performances
1980 Ringo & Barbara Bach are involved in a car crash
1981 Pirate Jim Bibby gives up a leadoff single to Brave Terry Harper, then retires next 27 batters
1982 IFK G”teborg wins 11th UEFA Cup at G”teborg
1982 Sophia Loren jailed in Naples for tax evasion
1983 NASA launches Intelsat V
1983 Weird Al Yankovic gives live performance at Wax Museum in Wash DC
1984 "King Of Suede" by Weird Al Yankovic hits #62
1984 110th Preakness: Angel Cordero Jr aboard Gate Dancer wins in 1:53.6
1984 STS 41-D vehicle moves to launch pad
1984 Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers beat NY Islanders, 4 games to 1
1984 Pat LaFontaine scores 2 goals within 22 sec in an NHL playoff game
1985 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Chrysler-Plymouth Golf Classic
1986 Anti-apartheid activist H‚lŠne Pastoors sentenced to 10 yrs in S Afr
1987 1st American Comedy Award
1988 Red Sox retire Bobby Doerr's #1
1988 Carlos Lehder Rivas, of Colombia's Medellin drug cartel, is convicted in Florida for smuggling more than 3 tons of cocaine into US
1989 Dow Jones Avg passes 2,500 mark for 1st time, closes at 2,501.1
1989 Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) last appearance on Dallas
1990 116th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Summer Squall wins in 1:53.6
1990 General Elvis, TV Drama last airs on ABC
1991 "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" closes at Shubert NYC after 225 perfs
1991 Pat Bradley wins LPGA Centel Golf Classic
1991 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Centel Senior Golf Challenge
1991 Willy T Ribbs becomes 1st black driver to make Indianapolis 500
1992 27th Amendment ratified, prohibits Congress from raising its salary
1992 Amy Fisher shoots Mary Jo Buttafuoco in Massapequa LI
1992 Englishman Dave Gauder, 224 lbs, pulls 196 ton jumbo jet, 3 inches
1992 Ric Flair wins NWA wrestling title
1992 VP Dan Quayle sites Murphy Brown as a poor example of family values
1993 Boeing 727 crashes into mountain at Medellˇn Colombia, kills 132
1993 Dow Jones closes above 3,500 for 1st time (3,500.03)
1993 Juventus wins 22th UEFA Cup at Torino
1994 Final Episode of LA Law after 8 year run
1994 Omar Sharif suffers a mild heart attack
1994 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati (18), checks into a drug rehab center
1995 Emmy 22nd Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 15th time
1995 World's youngest doctor, Balamurali Ambati, 17, graduates Mount Sinai
1996 STS 77 (Endeavour 11), launches into orbit
2161 Syzygy: 8 of 9 planets aligned on same side of sun

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