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1455 Johan Cicero, elect of Brandenburg (1486-99)
1627 Samuel Dircksz van Hoogstraten, Dutch painter
1632 Kaspar von Stieler, German poet (Teutsche Wolredner)
1696 Mahmud I, Sultan of Ottoman (Turkey) (1730-54)/fought Austria & Russia
1723 Nicolas de Pigage, French classical architect
1746 Joan Lucaz, Dutch journalist/patriot
1754 Pierre Charles L'Enfant, France, architect laid out Wash DC
1775 Jose Angel Lamas, composer
1802 Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman, 1st archbishop of Westminster
1818 [Willem] Alexander FCNM, prince of the Netherlands/general-major
1826 William Denison Whipple, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1902
1832 Henry Steel Olcott, co-founder (Theosophical Society)
1834 Frdric Auguste Bartholdi, Colmar France, sculptor (Statue of Liberty)
1834 Isac Capadose, lawyer/evangelist
1835 Elisha Grey, inventor (Telephone)
1854 Francis Marion Crawford, British author
1858 A Emma WT von Waldeck-Pyrmont, queen/regent of Netherlands
1858 Catherina van Rennes, composer
1858 William Watson, British poet (Prince's Quest, Father of Forest)
1865 Irving Babbitt, US writer (Rousseau & Romanticism)
1867 Ernest C Dowson, British poet
1868 Constantine I, king of Greece
1878 Aino J M Kallas, Finnish writer (White Ship, Estonian Tales)
1878 Princess Ingeborg, of Sweden
1881 Ethel Mary Dell, English author (Storm Drift)
1881 Stanislaw Kazuro, composer
1882 Johannes Tralow, writer
1882 Nanny I Larsen-Todsen, Swedish opera singer
1882 Rik Wouters, Belgian painter/sculptor (Virgin Doll)
1884 Rmulo Gallegos, Venezuela, novelist (Doa Brbara)/pres (1947-48)
1888 Oscar Rasbach, composer
1890 Pauline Hall, composer
1891 Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss, London, composer (Olympians)
1891 Mihail Jora, composer
1892 Jack Warner, US movie studio head (Warner Bros)
1892 John Kieran, NYC, columnist/author (Natural History of NYC)
1895 Matthew Henderson, cricketer (lefty pace bowler in NZ's 1st Test)
1899 Charles Bennett, screenwriter
1899 George Malcolm Thomson, journalist
1900 Helen Morgan, [Riggins], US, singer/actress (Applause)
1900 Marinus Adam, Dutch conductor/composer
1905 Myrna Loy
1905 Myrna Loy
1905 Myrna Loy
1905 Myrna Loy
1905 Myrna Loy
1905 Karl Amadeus Hartmann, composer
1905 Myrna Loy, Helena Mont, actress (Jazz Singer, Thin Man, Vanity Fair)
1906 Albert Goodwin, historian
1908 George Kimble, geographer
1909 Lord Benson, accountant
1910 Gertruida EW "Truss" van Aalten, actress (Girl in Blue Hat)
1910 Lawrence Josset, engraver
1910 Lou Zara, NYC, writer (Stump the Authors)
1912 Ann Dvorak, [McKim], NYC, actress (G Men, Life of Her Own, Scarface)
1912 Bela Szigeti, theoretical physicist
1912 George Kimble, geographer
1913 Lord Benson, accountant
1914 Felix Leclerc, composer
1914 Gary Merrill, Hartford Conn, actor (Young Dr Kildare, All About Eve)
1914 Ismond Rosen, psychoanalyst/artist
1915 Johan Limpers, sculptor/resistance fighter
1916 Beatrice Straight, Old Westbury NY, actress (Poltergeist, Nun's Story)
1916 Reginald Murley, surgeon
1919 John Pinkerton, compuer scientist
1920 Louis Pauwels, writer/editor
1920 Phyllis James, mystery writer
1920 Theo Marcuse, WA, actor (Mara of Wilderness)
1922 Carroll O'Connor, NYC, actor (All in the Family, Heat of the Night)
1922 Lord Murray of Epping Forest, general secretary (TUC)
1922 Paul Laxalt, (Sen-R-NV, 1974- )
1923 Brian Neill, Lord Justice of Appeal
1924 Carroll O'Connor
1924 James Baldwin
1924 Carroll O'Connor
1924 James Baldwin
1924 Carroll O'Connor
1924 James Baldwin
1924 Carroll O'Connor
1924 James Baldwin
1924 Carroll O'Connor
1924 James Baldwin
1924 James Baldwin, NY, author (Go Tell it on Mountain, Another Country)
1925 Alan Wicker, British broadcaster
1926 Betsy Bloomingdale, dept store mogul
1926 Lord Murray of Epping Forest, general secretary (TUC)
1926 Peer Wahl, writer
1927 Brian Neill, British Lord Justice of Appeal
1927 Peter Swinnereton-Dyer, mathematician
1928 Hugh Francis Lamprey, ecologist
1929 Alan Wicker, British broadcaster
1929 John Gale, theatrical producer
1929 John Hannam, MP
1929 Lord Waddington, Governor of Bermuda
1930 Ron de Lugo, (Rep-D-Virgin Islands, 1973-79, 81- )
1931 Eddie Fuller, cricketer (South African fast bowler in 7 Tests 1952-58)
1931 Henryck Schiller, composer
1931 Peter Swinnereton-Dyer, mathematician
1931 Philippa Duke Schuyler, composer
1932 Peter O'Toole
1932 Peter O'Toole
1932 Peter O'Toole
1932 Peter O'Toole
1932 Peter O'Toole
1932 Lamar Hunt, NFL owner (KC Chiefs)
1932 Marvin David Levy, composer
1932 Peter O'Toole, Ireland, actor (Lord Jim, Beckett, Lawrence of Arabia)
1933 Alan Tuffin, trade union leader
1933 John Gale, theatrical producer
1933 John Hannam, MP
1933 Lord Waddington, Governor of Bermuda
1934 Albert W Hall, actor (Apocalypse Now)
1934 Carl Cecil Cain, Freeport Ill, basketball player (Olympic-gold-1956)
1934 Valery Bykovsky, cosmonaut (Vostok 5, Soyuz 22, 31)
1935 Brian Wolfson, CEO (Wembley Pic)
1935 Derek Anthony Enright, politician
1935 John MacIvor Perkins, composer
1936 Anthony Edward Payne, composer
1936 Christopher Hogg, CEO (Courtaulds & Reuters)
1937 Alan Tuffin, trade union leader
1937 Garth Hudson, rocker
1937 Ronald Brierley, company chairman
1937 William Cannon, football player (Heisman-1959)
1938 Brunhilde Hendrix, German FR, relay runner (Olympic-silver-1960)
1938 Yvonne Regg, Switzerland, giant slalom (Olympic-gold-1960)
1939 Brian Wolfson, CEO (Wembley Pic)
1939 Edward Pattern, Atlanta Ga, singer (Gladys Knight & the Pips)
1939 Wes Craven, Cleveland OH, director (Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream)
1940 Doris Kenner, Passaic NJ, singer (Shirelles-Soldier Boy)
1941 Doris Coley, rocker
1941 Homer Banks, US singer/songwriter (Be What You Are)
1942 Garth Hudson, rock keyboardist (The Band)
1942 Leo Beenhakker, Dutch soccer trainer
1943 Garth Hudson, Canada, pop musician (The Band-Life is a Carnival)
1943 Jeltje van Nieuwenhoven, Dutch MP (PvdA)
1943 Kathy Lennon, singer (Lennon Sisters)
1943 Max Wright, Detroit, actor (Buffalo Bill, Alf, Misfits of Science)
1943 Rose Tremain, British novelist/playwright (Restoration)
1944 Joanna Cassidy, [Caskey], Haddonfield NJ, actress (240 Robert)
1945 Jewell Jackson McCabe, pres (natl coaltion of 100 black women)
1945 John Bowis, MP
1947 Rose Tremain, novelist/playwright
1948 Robert P Holdstock, UK, sci-fi author (Ghost Dance, Labyrinth)
1949 Bertalan Farkas, Bulgaria, cosmonaut (Soyuz 36/35)
1949 "Fat" Larry James, US drummer (Fat Larry's Band)
1949 John Bowis, MP
1949 Madeleine Smith, Sussex England, actress (Vampire Lovers)
1950 Judge Lance Ito
1950 Judge Lance Ito
1950 Judge Lance Ito
1950 Judge Lance Ito
1950 Judge Lance Ito
1950 Kathryn Harrold, Tazewell Va, actress (MacGruder & Loud)
1950 Lance Ito, judge (OJ Simpson trial)
1950 Mathieu Carriere, Hanover W Germany, actor (Bay Boy, Woman in Flames)
1951 Andrew Gold, Burbank, rocker (Lonely Boy)
1952 Angel Herrera, Cuba, FW/LW boxer (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1952 Paul David Crews, SC, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
1953 Anne Leuchars, British TV journalist
1953 Butch Patrick, actor (Eddie Munster-Munster)
1954 Lisa Brown, KC, Mo, actress (Guiding Light, Iva-As the World Turns)
1954 Sammy McIlroy, Irish soccer star
1955 Jimmy Lowe, Nashville Tenn, country singer (Pirates of Ms-Fred Jake)
1955 Roberta Wallach, NYC, actress (Civil Wars)
1956 Bill Murchison Jr, Lake Charles LA, Nike golfer (1994 Boise Open-2nd)
1956 Isabel Pantoja, Spain, spanish singer (Genio y Figura)
1957 Anne Leuchars, TV journalist
1957 Stephen Kelly Petterson, Auckland NZ, Smallbore rifle (Olympics-96)
1958 Arshad Ayub, cricketer (Indian off-spinner of the late 1980's)
1958 Sammy McIlroy, soccer player
1959 Britt Helfer, Clearfield Utah, actress (Lily-Loving, Alley Cat)
1960 Apollonia, [Patricia Kotero], Santa Monica Ca, actress (Purple Rain)
1960 Linda Fratianne, US, figure skater (Olympic-silver-1980)
1961 Ed West, NFL tight end (Phila Eagles, Atlanta Falcons)
1961 Pete de Freitas, Trinidad, rock drummer (Echo & the Bunnyman)
1963 Caroline Pierce, Cheshire Eng, golfer (1995 JAL Big Apple Classic-2nd)
1963 Cynthia Stevenson, Oakland Calif, actress (Player, Bob, Hope & Gloria)
1963 Jeff Bloom, Seattle Wash, Canadian Tour golfer (1988 Montana Open)
1964 John Cullen, Puslinch, NHL center (Tampa Bay Lightning)
1964 Mary-Louise Parker, Ft Jackson SC, actress (Fried Green Tomatoes)
1965 Takayuki Iizuka, wrestler (NJPW)
1966 Joseph Wanag, Wilson Ct, US judoka (Olympic-92)
1966 Tim Wakefield, Melbourne FL, pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
1967 Aaron Krickstein, Ann Arbor Mich, tennis player (Tel Aviv 1983)
1967 Derek Wells, LA Calif, actor (Fitzpatricks)
1967 Martin Laamers, soccer player (Vitesse)
1968 Sean Groom, Northford Conn, rower (Olympics-1996)
1969 Cedric Ceballos, NBA forward (LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns)
1969 Erik Meijer, Dutch soccer player (PSV, Uerdingen)
1970 Chainey Umphrey, Albuquerque NM, gymnast (Olympics-5th-96)
1970 Elijah Alexander, NFL linebacker (Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos)
1970 Jonathan Andrew Kaye, Denver CO, PGA golfer (1995 Quad City-2nd)
1970 Kevin Smith, director (Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Clerks)
1970 Philo Wallace, cricketer (WI ODI opening batsman 1991-92)
1970 Tony Amonte, Hingham MA, NHL right wing (Chicago Blackhawks, USA)
1970 Wes Bender, WLAF/NFL running back (Frankfurt Galaxy, NO Saints)
1971 Dick Schreuder, Dutch soccer player (PSV/FC Groningen/RKC)
1971 Fernando Smith, NFL defensive end (Minn Vikings)
1971 Pete Sampras, tennis champ, US Open (1990)
1972 Lee McClinton, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
1972 Nathan Thomas, Australian water polo player (Olympics-96)
1973 Fiona Mullally, Miss Ireland Universe (1997)
1973 George Zidek, NBA center (Denver Nuggets, Charlotte Hornets)
1973 Kari Anne Safford, Point Pleasant WV, Miss America-WV (1997)
1973 Karina Habsudova, Bojnice Slovakia, tennis star (1995 Futures Czech)
1973 Kia Goodwin, Livingston NJ, actress (Tiffany Holloway-227)
1973 Nancy Drolet, ice hockey forward (Canada, Oly-98)
1973 Susie O'Neill, Mackay Austral, butterfly swimmer (Oly-br/gold-92, 96)
1974 Nabil Bouchlal, soccer player (Willem II)
1974 Paul Grasmanis, defensive tackle (Chicago Bears)
1976 Michael Weiss, Washington DC, figure skater (1997 World Champ-7th)
1977 Edward Furlong
1977 Edward Furlong
1977 Edward Furlong
1977 Edward Furlong
1977 Edward Furlong
1977 Edward Furlong, Pasedina Calif, actor (John Connor-Terminator 2)
1986 Me! Do programs have life?
1986 Me! Do programs have life?
1991 Gabriel Anthony Cohen, son of Meredith Viera & Richard Cohen
1993 Cassidy Gifford, daughter of Frank & Kathy Lee


257 St Stephen I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1057 Frederik van Lotharingen elected as 1st Belgium, Pope Stephen IX [X]
1375 1st roller skating rink opens (London)
1492 Jews are expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella
1542 French troops leave Flanders
1552 Treaty of Passau: Emperor Charles V accepts Lutheran religion
1578 Battle of Rijmenam
1581 Leiden University names Snellius math professor
1610 Henry Hudson enters bay later named after him, the Hudson Bay
1665 French expedition against Barbarians in Tunis/Algiers
1704 Duke of Marlborough beats French & Bavarians at Blenheim
1718 Austrian joins Triple Alliance
1738 France offers emperor Karel VI mediation in war against Turkey
1776 Formal signing of Declaration of Independence
1782 George Washington creates Honorary Badge of Distinction
1786 Utrechtse Vroedschap flees
1787 Horace the Saussure reaches top of Mont Blanc
1791 Samuel Briggs & his son, patent nail-making machine
1798 British under Adm Horatio Nelson beat French at Battle of Nile
1802 Napoleon declared "Counsel for Life"
1819 1st parachute jump in US
1831 Ten day campaign begins, Dutch army occupies Belgium
1832 1,300 Illinois militia defeat Sac & Fox indians, end Black Hawk War
1832 Black Hawk defeated (IA)
1832 Whites decimate Indians in Battle of Bad Axe River, Wisc
1858 1st mailboxes installed in Boston & NYC streets
1858 Govt of India transferred from East India Company to Crown
1861 Skirmish at Dug Springs, MI
1864 2nd Saratoga Racetrack (NY) opens
1865 Lewis Carroll publishes "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
1865 Trans Atlantic Cable being laid by SS Great Eastern snaps & is lost
1873 1st trial run of an SF cable car, on Clay Street between Kearny and Jones, downhill all the way, at 4AM.
1873 1st trial run of an SF cable car, on Clay Street between Kearny and Jones, downhill all the way, at 4AM.
1873 1st trial run of SF cable car, Clay Street between Kearny & Jones
1875 World 1st roller skating rink opens in London
1877 SF Public Library opens with 5,000 volumes
1884 Dutch Queen Emma appointed regent
1887 Rowell Hodge patents barbed wire
1892 Charles A Wheeler patents a prototype of the escalator
1894 Death duties 1st introduced in Britain
1894 Dutch Society for Women Suffrage gets royal charter
1903 Unsuccessful uprising of Macedonians against Turkey
1906 Chicago White Sox begin AL record 19 game win streak
1907 Walter Johnson, 19, debuts with Washington & loses 3-2 to Detroit
1909 1st Lincoln head pennies minted
1909 Army Air Corps formed as Army takes 1st delivery from Wright Brothers
1911 Hati's dictator Simon flees on US warship near Jamaica
1912 18th US Golf Open: John McDermott shoots a 294 at CC of Buffalo NY
1914 Belgian govt receives German ultimatum
1914 German press falsely reports that French bombed Nuremberg
1914 German troops overthrows Luxembourg
1914 Germany & Turkey signs secret treaty
1914 Great Britain mobilizes
1914 Postdam Conference ended
1914 Russian troops invade Eastern Prussia
1914 Sherlock Holmes Adventure "His Last Bow" takes place
1920 Marcus Garvey presents his "Back To Africa" program in NYC
1921 Chicago jury brings in not guilty verdict against the Black Sox
1922 China, hit by a typhoon; about 60,000 die
1924 Joe Hauser sets record of 14 total bases in a game
1928 Mussolini signs peace treaty with Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
1929 Phillies Don Hurst sets NL record of 6 consecutive games with a HR
1931 Spanish Catalonia agrees (99+%) for autonomous status
1932 Charlie Grimm replaces Roger Hornsby as manager of Chic Cubs
1934 1st airplane train, plane tows 3 mail gliders behind it
1934 Adolph Hitler becomes commander-in-chief of Germany
1934 William Franks twirls an indian club overhead 17,280 times in 1 hour
1938 1st test of a yellow baseball (Dodgers vs Cardinals)
1939 Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal workers
1940 Clermont-Ferrand sentences Gen Charles de Gaulle to death
1940 KL-House of saxon & commandos focus on Gross Rosen, Silesia
1941 German 11st Army surrounds 20 Russian divisions at Oeman
1941 Hungarian Ruthenia, expels Jews
1941 Jews are expelled from Hungarian Ruthenia
1942 250 Dutch Catholic Jews arrested, transported to Amersfoort camp
1942 Col-Gen Hoth' Pantser army reaches Kotelnikovo
1943 Armed revolt breaks out in Treblinka
1943 Lt John F Kennedy's PT-boat 109 sinks at Solomon islands
1943 RAF bombs Hamburg
1943 Sunderland seaplanes sinks U-706 & U-106
1943 Uprising at Treblinka Concentration Camp (crematorium destroyed)
1944 Amsterdam soccer team "The Volewijckers" plays in orange shirts
1944 Jewish survivors of Kovono Ghetto emerge from their bunker
1944 Turkey breaks diplomatic relationship with nazi-Germany
1945 Potsdam Conference ended, with Stalin, Truman & Churchill
1953 Betty Jack Davis, singer (w/Skeeter Davis), killed in car crash
1953 KCPQ TV channel 13 in Tacoma-Seattle, WA (IND) begins broadcasting
1954 Tahar Ben Ammar appointed premier of Tunisia
1955 USSR performs nuclear test
1958 Jordan & Iraq disolve their Arab Federation, after 3 months
1959 41st PGA Championship: Bob Rosburg shoots a 277 at Minneapolis GC
1959 Milwaukee Brave Bill Bruton hits 2 bases loaded triples
1959 SF Giants 1st baseman Willie McCovey hits 1st of his 521 HRs
1961 Beatles 1st gig as house band of Liverpool's Cavern Club
1961 Cyrille Adula becomes premier of Congo
1961 St Louis Cards (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 36-7 in Toronto
1962 NASA civilian test pilot Joseph A Walker takes X-15 to 32,600 m
1963 30th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: All-Stars 20, Green Bay 17 (65,000)
1964 Dutch government gives Indonesia export guarantees
1964 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Milwaukee Jaycee Golf Open
1964 North Vietnam fires on a US destroyer in Gulf of Tonkin
1964 Race riot in Jersey City NJ
1965 Morley Safer's sends 1st Vietnam report indicating we are losing
1966 Radio Vila (New Hebrides) begins transmitting
1967 New Orleans Saints 1st pre-season game, they lose to LA Rams 16-77
1967 US's Lunar Orbiter 5 launched; enters lunar orbit Aug 5
1968 35th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Green Bay 34, All-Stars 17 (69,917)
1969 Bob Dylan makes surprise appearance at Hibbing HS Minn 10th reunion
1969 Pres Nixon visits Romania
1970 Baltimore defeats KC 10-8, Orioles 23rd straight win over the Royals
1970 France performs nuclear test at Fangataufa Island
1970 Songwriter Sammy Cahn marries Tita Curtis in Calif
1972 Gold hits record $70 an ounce in London
1973 George Brett gets his 1st hit
1975 104F (40C) at Providence, Rhode Island (state record)
1975 107F (42C) at Chester/New Bedford, Massachusetts (state record)
1979 "Broadway Opry '79" closes at St James Theater NYC after 6 perfs
1979 Gilda Radner Live From New York opens on Broadway
1980 Fascist bomb attack on Bologna Italy train station, 86 killed
1980 US swimmers set 3 world records at National championships
1981 Australia set 151 to win, all out 121, Botham 5-11 in 14 overs
1981 Donna Caponi Young wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
1982 Oakland's Rickey Henderson steals his 100th base of the season
1982 Roger Ebert's Movie News premieres on ABC FM network
1983 STS-8 vehicle moves to launch pad
1983 US District Court begins trying Yonkers accuse of race discrimination
1984 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1985 5 die in a train crash in Westminster Colo
1985 Delta Lockheed L-1011 crashes at Dallas-Ft Worth Airport, 137 die
1985 NASA launches space vehicle S-209
1986 Jackie Joyner-Kersee (US) sets record for heptathlon (7161 pts)
1986 TODAY/PC born today
1987 25th Tennis Fed Cup: Germany beats USA in Vancouver Canada (2-1)
1987 Chris Johnson wins Columbia Savings LPGA National Golf Pro-Am
1987 Cin Red Eric Davis becomes 7th & earliest 30 HR 30 steal man
1987 Don Brown sets flight record for handbow (1,336 yds 1'3")
1987 Eric Davis is 7th to hit 30 HRs & steal 30 bases in one season
1987 Kevin Seitzer (KC Royals), gets 6 hits in one baseball game
1987 Michael Andretti runs fastest Indy car race in history (171.49 MPH)
1987 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1988 Raymond Acevedo is retired from singing group Menudo
1988 System Enhancement Assoc settles case with PKware (ARC vs PKARC)
1989 NASA confirmed Voyager 2's discovery of 3 more moons of Neptune designated temporarily 1989 N2, 1989 N3 & 1989 N24
1990 Saddam Hussein of Iraq invades neighboring Kuwait in the first act of the Persian Gulf War.
1990 Saddam Hussein of Iraq invades neighboring Kuwait in the first act of the Persian Gulf War.
1990 Iraq invades & occupies Kuwait, Emir flees to Saudi Arabia
1990 Yankees rookie Kevin Maas hits his 10th home run in just 77 at bats
1991 Funk singer Rick James, arrested on sexual torture charges
1991 Hedy Lamaar is arrested for shoplifting in LA
1991 Mike Jeffcoat is 1st AL pitcher to get an RBI since 1972
1991 Space shuttle STS 43 (Atlantis 9) launched
1992 "Death & the Maiden" closes at Brooks Atkinson NYC after 159 perfs
1992 Dottie Mochrie wins LPGA Welch's Golf Classic
1992 Kevin Bacon marries Kyra Sedgwick
1992 Tom Seaver, R Fingers, Hal Newhouser, & B McGowan enter Hall of Fame
1993 NYC radio (WFAN) personality Don Imus' lung collapes
1993 Peter Angelos & William DeWitt purchase Orioles
1993 Train crash in tunnel at Vega de Anzo Spain, 12 killed
1993 Shamrock Broadcasting, a Disney company, officially takes ownership of Cleveland's WMMS-FM/100.7 & WHK-AM/1420
1994 Congressional hearings begin on White Water
1994 Explosion in lead/zinc mine in Guangxi China, 120+ killed
1994 NY Supreme Court refuses Howard Stern's non financial disclosure
1994 Noureddine Morceli runs world record 3000m (7:25.11)
1998 26th du Maurier Golf Classic
1998 30th Curtis Cup:

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