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106 BC Pompey (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus) in Rome
106 BC Pompey (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus) in Rome
490 BC Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon
490 BC Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon
551 Confucius (as celebrated in Taiwan)
551 Confucius (as celebrated in Taiwan)
1493 Agnolo Firenzuola, [Giovannini], Italian monk (Golden Donkey)
1565 Alessandro Tassoni, Modena Italy, political writer (Rape of Bucket)
1573 Caravaggio, Italy, painter
1573 Michelangelo Buanarroti, Caprese Italy, painter/sculpter
1596 Vredius, [Olivier de Wree], Flemish historian/poet/mayor
1605 Boulliau, mathematician
1612 Michel Anguier, French sculptor
1679 Mihael Omerza, composer
1681 Johann Mattheson, Hamburg Germany, composer
1698 Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis, France, mathematician/astronomer
1705 Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland, England, corrupt politician (Chiswick)
1705 Johann Peter Kellner, composer
1735 August Henry Fitzroy, 3rd duke of Grafton/English premier
1746 William Jones, London England, British Orientalist/jurist
1748 Johann Michael Demmler, composer
1761 Budan de Boislaurent, mathematician
1780 Elie Decazes, France, Bourbon Restoration political figure
1785 David Walker, Wilmington NC, abolitionist (Appeal to Colored Citizens)
1789 Richard Bright, England, physician (Bright's Disease/nephritis)
1793 Denis A Affre, archbishop of Paris (1840-48)
1793 Denis-Auguste Affre, Franc, archbishop/opponent of King Louis-Philippe
1803 Prosper M‚rim‚e, Paris France, playwright (Carmen)
1807 Arnold Henry Guyot, Switzerland, US geologist/geographer/meteorologist
1811 Friedrich Hecker, Baden, German revolutionary republican politician
1813 Anton Wallerstein, composer
1819 Jacob G de Hoop Scheffer, Dutch vicar/theologist
1820 Freidrich Engels German social philosopher
1820 Freidrich Engels, German social philosopher
1820 Freidrich Engels German social philosopher
1824 Alfred Gilpin Jones, Weymouth NS, lt-gov of Nova Scotia (1900-06)
1824 Francis Turner Palgrave, Eng, poet (Golden Treasury)/prof (Oxford)
1825 Rafael N£¤ez, Colombia, 3 times president (188?..94)
1828 Friedrich A Lange, Prussia, philosopher/socialist (Neo-Kantianism)
1833 James Deering Fessenden, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1839 Frances Willard, founded Women's Christian Temperance Union
1839 Frances E C Willard, NY, founder (Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
1839 Frances Willard, founded Women's Christian Temperance Union
1840 Alexander Swift "Sandie" Pendleton, Lt-Col (Confederate Army)
1840 Rudolf Baumbach, Thuringia [Germany], writer of student drinking songs
1841 F. Prym --?
1841 F. Prym --?
1841 F. Prym --?
1841 Georges Clemenceau French statesman
1841 F. Prym --?
1841 Georges Clemenceau, France, PM (1906-09, 17-20, defended Dreyfuss)
1841 Georges Clemenceau French statesman
1841 F. Prym --?
1844 Michael Hertz, composer
1844 Robert Stout, Shetland Islands Scotland, NZ prime minister (1884-87)
1849 Dudley Allen Sargent, US, physician/educator (Harvard U gymnasium)
1851 Henry Arthur Jones, English playwright (Judah)
1852 Henri Moissan, French chemist; isolated fluorine (Nobel 1906)
1852 [Ferdinand-Frederic-]Henri Moissan, Paris France, chemist (Nobel 1906)
1852 John [Denton Pinkstone] French, Earl of Ypres/British field marshall
1852 Henri Moissan, French chemist; isolated fluorine (Nobel 1906)
1854 Adam Sedgwick, Norwich England, English zoologist (Peripatus)
1855 Thomas F Tout, London, historian (Manchester school of historiography)
1856 Edward Herbert Thompson, Mass, archaeologist (Mayan civilization)
1856 Kate Douglas Wiggins, author (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm)
1861 Pedro De Cordoba, NYC, actor (Club Havana, Swamp Fire, Saboteur)
1863 Charles, Lisbon Portugal, king (1889-1908)
1864 Barry E Odell Pain, English writer (Punch)
1870 Florent Schmitt, Blƒmont France, composer (Fr‚d‚gonde, Salom‚)
1871 Pietro Badoglio, Italy, gen/Libya gov (1928-33)/PM of Italy (1943-44)
1872 Lena Ashwell, England, actress/theatrical manager (Kingsway)
1872 Tom Terriss, London England, director (His Buddy's Wife, Sumuru)
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1873 Julian Lowell Coolidge, Mass, mathematician (Study-Segre school)
1873 Waclaw Rawicz, [Berent], Warsaw Poland, biologist/writer
1873 J.L. Coolidge --1954
1877 Stanner E V Taylor, St Louis MO, director/writer (Lucky Jim, Ramona)
1879 Benjamin Christensen, Viborg Denmark, actor (Barnet, Mockery)
1880 Ralph Edward Flanders, Barnet VT, (Sen-VT)
1881 Henry Geehl, composer
1881 Pedro De Cordoba, NYC, actor (Mexican Hayride, Before I Hang)
1882 Eugenio d' Ors y Rovira, Barcelona Spain, essayist/philosopher
1882 Jack Fournier, 2nd baseman (1917-18 NY Yankees)
1885 Wilbur 'Lefty' Good, pitcher (NY Yankees, 1905)
1887 Avery Brundage, Detroit Mich, CEO (Intl Olympic Committee, 1952-72)
1888 Herman McNeile, Cornwall England, soldier/novelist (Bull-Dog Drummond)
1889 Carlos I FLMVMRGGXF of Assisi JS, king of Portugal
1889 D P "Dad" Carter, baritone (Chuck Wagon Gang)
1889 Octavus L "Octave" van Aerschot, Dutch violinist/actor (Hippie)
1892 Edmond Thieffry, Belgian WW I pilot/air pioneer
1892 Elmer Rice, NYC, playwright/director/novelist (Pulitzer-Street Scene)
1892 Ruth Stonehouse
1893 Marie V Felix, prince of Luxemburg/Bourbon-Parma
1895 Charles Petrie, Liverpool, historian
1895 Dave Franklin, NYC, composer (Hop-a-long Cassidy)
1895 Lawton Whitey Witt, outfielder (NY Yankees, 1922-25)
1895 Wallace K Harrison, Worcester Mass, US architect (UN, Lincoln Center)
1897 Muchtar Auesow, writer
1901 Ed Sullivan
1901 Ed Sullivan
1901 Ed Sullivan
1901 Ed Sullivan
1901 Ed Sullivan
1901 Friedrichs, mathematician
1901 Lily Bouwmeester, Dutch actress/comedienne (Pygmalion)
1901 William Samuel Paley, Chicago Ill, pres/CEO of CBS (1928-90)
1902 Ed Sullivan TV variety show host
1902 Ed Sullivan, TV variety show host/gossip columnist (Ed Sullivan Show)
1902 Ed Sullivan TV variety show host
1904 Hendrik J Hofstra, Dutch minister of Finance (PvdA)
1905 Max Schmeling, Germany, world heavyweight boxing champ (1930-32)
1905 William Northam, Austria, yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1964)
1907 Glen "Turk" Edwards, NFL tackle (Boston/Washington Redskins)
1907 Heikki Savolainen, Finland, pommel horse gymnist (Olympic-gold-1948)
1907 Ida Turay, Budapest, actress (Deryne, Ida Regenye)
1907 John Prickett, teacher/ecumenist
1908 Marin Goleminov, composer
1909 Al Capp, put Dogpatch, USA on the map
1909 Al Capp, [Alfred Gerald Caplin], New Haven Ct, cartoonist (Li'l Abner)
1909 Stephen Spender, poet [or Feb 28]
1909 Wiesje Bouwmeester, Dutch actress (Doodzonde)
1909 Al Capp, put Dogpatch, USA on the map
1910 Diosdado Macapagal, Philippines president (1961-65)
1910 Fran Lee, NYC, actress (Ms Wong-Major Dell Conway)
1911 Henry Ellsworth Vines Jr, tennis (US Open 1931, 32)/golfer
1913 Alice Marble, Beckworth Calif, tennis player (US Open 1936, 1938-40)
1913 Edith Mary Ellis Peters Pargeter, author
1913 Vivian Fine, Chicago Ill, composer (Women in the Garden)
1914 Harold Taylor, Canada, educator (Art & the Future)
1914 Jim Boyd, country/western performer
1914 Lord Abinger
1915 Julius Rosenberg, NYC, 1st US civilian executed for espionage
1916 Lord Cockfield
1916 Peter Finch, London, actor (Network, Windom's Way, Raid on Entebbe)
1917 Michael [George] Somes, England, dancer (Royal Ballet)
1917 Vaclav Kaslik, Czechoslovakia, opera composer/conductor
1919 Lenn Hjortzberg, Karlskrona Sweden, director (Persona, Devil's Eye)
1919 Tom Harmon, Rensselaer Indiana, sportscaster/NFL tailback (Heisman)
1921 Ilhan Usmanbas, composer
1922 Frederik JW "Fried" L”wensteyn, [Stephan Styrmarck], lawyer
1922 Joe Silver, Chicago Ill, actor (Mr I Magination, Fay)
1922 Phyllis Friend, chief nursing officer (DHSS)
1923 Duke of Buccleuch, British large landowner/art collector
1923 Fred Robbins, Balt Md, DJ (Coke Time with Eddie Fisher, Robbins Nest)
1923 William Windom, NYC, actor (Farmer's Daughter, Murder She Wrote)
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1924 Marcello Mastroianni
1924 Antonio Jacinto, Portuguese West Africa, Angolan poet
1924 Marcello Mastroianni, Rome Italy, actor (8«, La Dolce Vita)
1925 Arnold Stang
1925 Arnold Stang
1925 Arnold Stang
1925 Arnold Stang
1925 Seymour Cray, inventor of Cray I computer
1925 Arnold Stang
1925 Arnold Stang, Mass, comedian/actor (Broadside, Milton Berle, Top Cat)
1925 Frank Latimore, [Kline], Darien Ct, actor (Patton, Breakin Up)
1925 Seymour Cray, inventor (Cray I computer)
1925 Seymour Cray, inventor of Cray I computer
1926 Jerry Clower, Amite County Miss, country comedian (Nashville on Road)
1927 Thomas J J Altizer, Mass, US Radical theologian (God is Dead)
1928 Naphtali Kupferberg, singer (Fugs)
1929 Marilyn Clark, Spokane WA, actress (House of Party Beach)
1929 Nigel Althaus, British government broker
1929 Nikolay Ryzhkov, Premier of USSR (1985-1991)
1930 Robin Buchanan, CEO (NHS Supplies Auth, Wessex Regional Health Auth)
1930 Tommy Collins, [Leonard Sipes], country singer (Don't Growl)
1930 Ugo Gregoretti, Rome Italy, actor (Rogopag, Common Sense of Modesty)
1931 John E Gilmore, tenor Saxophonist
1932 Michael G[reatrex] Coney, Canada, sci-fi author (Cat Karina)
1933 Madeleine M Kunin, Switzerland (Gov-D-Vt), 1st Jewish gov of Vermont
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1934 Brigette Bardot, cute
1934 Brigitte Bardot
1934 Brigitte Bardot, Paris France, sex kitten (And God Created Women)
1934 Brigette Bardot, cute
1935 Bruce Crampton, Sydney Australia, PGA golfer (1961 Milwaukee Open)
1935 Heather Sears, London England, actress (Room at the Top)
1935 Koko Taylor, [Cora Walton], US vocalist (Queen of the Blues)
1936 Robert Hogan, NYC, actor (Peyton Place, Operation Petticoat)
1936 Robert Wolders, Rotterdam Holland, actor (Erik Hunter-Laredo)
1936 Sherwood L Boehlert, (Rep-R-NY, 1983- )
1937 Colin Berry, professor (morbid anatomist)
1937 Edward Applebaum, composer
1938 Ben E[arl] King, [Nelson], NC, singer (Stand by Me)
1938 Charlie Thomas, singer (Drifters) [or Apr 7, 1937]
1940 Alekander Sergeyevich Ivanchenkov, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 29/31, T-6)
1940 Aleksandr Y Kalery, Russian cosmonaut
1940 George Greenstein, author (Secret of a Jewish Baker)
1941 Charley Taylor, NFL wide receiver/running back (Wash Redskin)
1941 Lady Braye
1942 Grant "Mudcat" Jackson, pitcher (1972 NY Yankees, Phillies)
1943 Gertrud "Traudl" Hecher, Austria, downhill skier (Olympic-bronze-1960)
1943 Joel Higgins, Bloomington Ill, actor (Salvage 1, Silver Spoons)
1943 J T Walsh, actor (Col Frank Bach-Dark Skies)
1943 Lou Piniella, outfielder/manager (NY Yankees, Seattle Mariners)
1943 Mike Kreidler, (Rep-D-Washington)
1943 Nick St Nicholas, Hamburg Germany, rock bassist (Steppenwolf)
1943 Susanne Jagd, Denmark, actress (Between the Sheets, Tinderbox)
1944 Matthew Cowles, soap actor (Eban Japes-Loving, Billy-All My Children)
1945 Conny Van Dyke, Nassawadox Va, actress (Framed, Hell's Angels '69)
1945 Marielle Goitschel, Ste Maxime France, alpine skier (Olympic-gold-64)
1946 Fiona Lewis, Westcliff England, actress (Stunts, Lisztomania)
1946 Helen Shapiro, Bethnal Green London, rock vocalist (Culture Club)
1946 Herbert Jefferson Jr, Jersey City NJ, actor (Battlestar Galactica)
1946 Larry Breeding, Winchester Ill, actor (Who's Watching the Kids?)
1946 Majid Khan, cricketer (great Pakistani batsman 1964-82)
1946 Peter Egan, actor (Bean, Chariots of Fire)
1947 Gillian Rose, philosopher/writer
1947 Harold Dow, Hackensack NJ, news correspondent (CBS, 48 Hours)
1947 Jeffrey Jones, Buffalo NY, actor (Beetlejuice, Ferris Bueller)
1947 Peter Hope-Evans, British singer/harmonicaist (Family)
1948 Marielle Goitschel, France, slalom (Olympic-gold-1968) [or 1945]
1950 John Sayles, Schenetady NY, actor (Brother from Another Planet)
1950 Paul Burgess, British drummer (10cc-Not Alone)
1951 Christian Marlowe, LA Calif, actor (Bram-Highcliffe Manor)
1951 Dave Rajsich, pitcher (NY Yankees)
1951 Silvia Dionisio, Rome Italy, actress (Riavanti Marsh!, Amici Miei)
1952 Sylvia Kristel, in Holland, (Emmanuelle)
1952 Anthony Davis, footballer
1952 Sylvia Kristel, Neth, actress (Emmanuelle, Priv School for Girls)
1952 Sylvia Kristel, in Holland, (Emmanuelle)
1953 Jim Diamond, Scotish singer/songwriter (I Should Have Known Better)
1954 George Lynch, rock guitarist (Lynch Mob-Wicked Sensations)
1954 Steve Largent, NFL wide receiver (Seattle Seahawks)
1957 Alannah Currie, Auckland NZ, rock xylophone/vocalist (Thompson Twins)
1957 Marc Duret, actor (Dobermann, Hatred, Big Blue)
1958 Angella Issajenko, Jamaica, 4X100m relayer (Olympic-silver-1984)
1958 Lory Del Santo, Verona Italy, Miss Italy (1980)
1958 Med Lucart, rock musician (Wall of Voodoo)
1959 Angela Groothuizen, Dutch singer (Dolly Dots)
1959 Billy Montana, Country/Western performer (No Yesterday, Angelia)
1959 Todd Worrell, Arcadia CA, pitcher (LA Dodgers)
1960 Derek James, Durban South Africa, Canadian Tour golfer (1994 Infiniti)
1960 Gus Logie, cricketer (WI batsman 1983-91, great fielder)
1960 Jennifer Rush, singer/songwriter (Destiny, Ring of Ice)
1960 Tom Byrum, Onida SD, Nike golfer (1994 NIKE Panama City Beach-4th)
1961 Anne White, Charleston WV, tennis (Wore spandex in '85 Wimbledon)
1961 Ed Vosberg, Tucson AZ, pitcher (Texas Rangers)
1961 Michael-James Wixted, Santa Monica Calif, actor (Smith Family)
1961 Yordanka Donkova, Bulgaria, 100 m hurdler (world record)
1962 Anne-Marie Fox, LA CA, playmate (Feb, 1982)
1962 Irving Fryar, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
1962 Laurie Rinker-Graham, Stuart FL, LPGA golfer (1986 LPGA Corning)
1962 Luis Enrique, spanish singer (Luces del Alma)
1962 S C Grant, British Lt-General
1962 Thomas Mork, Denmark, actor (Krystalbarnet, Bryggeren)
1963 Johnny Earl Dawkins Jr, NBA guard (Spurs, Charlotte Hornets)
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1964 Janeane Garofalo
1964 Janeane Garofalo, NJ, comedienne (SNL, Truth about Cats & Dogs)
1964 Susan Walters, Georgia, actress (Lorna-Loving, Mary Beth-Dear John)
1965 Brigitte Roan, Toulon France, director/actress (Outremer)
1965 Joel Rane, author (Step on Up)
1966 Erno Das, lighting tech/gaffer (Spiegels, Lovely Liza)
1966 Kevin Baker, Montreal, Canadian Tour golfer (Manitoba Amateur-1988)
1966 Scott Adams, NFL offensive linesman (Chic Bears)
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa
1967 Mira Sorvino
1967 Moon Unit Zappa
1967 Darion Conner, NFL linebacker (Carolina Panthers)
1967 Jake Reed, NFL wide receiver (Minn Vikings)
1967 Jason Dungjen, Detroit Mich, pairs skaters (Olympics-1994)
1967 Moon Unit Zappa, rocker (Valley Girl), Frank's daughter
1967 Oswald Drawdy, Hampton SC, Canadian Tour golfer (1987 SC Amateur)
1968 Bess Singh, [Lennart Bes], Dutch pop drummer (Burma Shop-Hippies)
1968 Carr‚ Otis, SF Calif, actress (Wild Orchid)
1968 Jerry Evans, NFL tight end (Denver Broncos)
1968 Jock Climie, CFL slot back (Montreal Alouettes)
1968 Vanessa Vadim, Paris, daughter of Jane Fonda/actress (Last Party)
1969 Jack O'Keffe, Waterbury CT, Australasia golfer
1969 L Janusz Hooker, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1970 Kimiko Date, Kyoto Japan, tennis star (1996 Japan Open)
1970 Mira Sorvino, Tenafly NJ, actress (Quiz Show, Norma Jean & Marilyn)
1971 Chad May, NFL/WLAF quarterback (Minn Vikings, Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971 David Weightman, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1971 Janet Evans, swimmer (Olympics)
1971 Marcus Spears, NFL/WLAF guard/tackle (Chic Bears, Amsterdam Admirals)
1971 Matthew Elliott, cricketer (Australian Test opening batsman v WI 1996)
1972 Cathy Caverzasio, Switzerland, tennis star
1972 Dena Querubin, Waterford NJ, Miss America-NJ (1996)
1972 Greg Ivy, NFL punter (Atlanta Falcons)
1975 Karan Ashley Jackson, Odessa Tx, actress (Aisha-Mighty Power Rangers)
1975 Mandy Barnett, country singer (Maybe, Rainy Days)
1978 Marzena Godecki, actress (Ocean Girl)
1978 Nestaea Sealy, Miss Bahamas Universe (1997)
1979 Anndi Lynn McAfee, actress (Ice Cream Man, Conagher)
1981 Vincent Kartheiser, actor (Hairy Bird, Alaska, Untamed Heart)
1991 Saffron LeBon, London, daughter of Simon & Yasmon
1996 Celeste & Johnny Edison, Assyria & Pele's twins, boy & girl


235 Bishop of Rome Pontianus steps down
351 Battle at Mursa: emperor Constantine II beats emperor Maxentius
351 Constantine II beats emperor Maxentius
1066 William the Conqueror landed in England
1066 William the Conqueror landed in England
1066 William the Conqueror troops sail to England
1106 Battle at Tinchebrai: English King Henry I beats his brother Robert
1322 Battle of Mhldorf
1362 Guillaum de Grimoard elected as Pope Urban V
1394 Cardinal Pedro de Luna of Arag¢n chosen (anti)pope Benedictus XIII
1521 Turkish sultan Suleiman I's troops occupy Belgrade
1528 Spanish fleet sinks in Florida hurricane; about 380 die
1538 Battle at Preveza: Turkish fleet under Barbarossa beats Spanish
1542 Juan Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay.
1542 Juan Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay.
1542 Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay
1621 Battle at Chocim Dniester: King Sigismund II beats Turks
1652 English-Dutch sea battle at Kentish Knock
1678 "Pilgrim's Progress" published
1687 Venetians take Athens from the Turks
1701 Divorce legalized in MD
1704 Maryland allows divorce if wife mispleases clergyman/preacher
1708 Battle at Lesnaya: Russian army captures Swedish convoy
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes king of Scotland
1760 Russian & Austrian army occupies Berlin
1767 Gentlemen 17 forbid private slave transport India to Cape of Good Hope
1781 Siege of Yorktown begins, last battle of the Revolutionary War
1781 Siege of Yorktown begins, last battle of the Revolutionary War
1781 9,000 American forces & 7,000 French forces begin siege of Yorktown
1785 Napoleon Bonaparte (16) graduates from the military academy in Paris (42nd in a class of 51)
1787 Congress sends Constitution to state legislatures for their approval
1815 Joachim Murats fleet sails from Corsica to Naples
1829 Walker's Appeal, racial antislavery pamphlet, published in Boston
1850 US Navy abolishes flogging as punishment
1858 Donati's comet becomes the 1st to be photographed
1858 Donati's comet becomes the 1st to be photographed
1858 Donati's comet becomes 1st to be photographed
1864 -30) Battle of Fort Harrison VA (Chaffin's Farm New Market Heights)
1867 Toronto becomes capital of Ontario
1868 Battle of Alcolea, causes Queen Isabella 2 of Spain to flee to France
1868 Opelousas Massacre at St Landry Parish Louisiana (200 blacks killed)
1879 Sydney Australia inaugurates steam motor tram route
1887 Gele River (Huang Ho) in China floods, kills about 1.5 million
1889 Carlos I crowned King of Portugal (1889-1908)
1892 1st night football game played (Mansfield Pa)
1894 Simon Marks & Tom Spencer open Penny Bazaar in Manchester
1899 Transvaal mobilizes
1901 Guerrilla's assault unarmed US soldiers in Balangiga Phil, 38 killed
1904 Woman arrested for smoking a cigarette in a car on 5th Avenue, NYC
1906 US troops reoccupy Cuba, stay until 1909
1912 "Kiche Maru" sinks off Japan, killing 1,000
1912 SS Kichemaru disappears in storm off Japanese coast, 1,000 die
1914 German forces move into Antwerp Belgium (WW I)
1915 Battle of Kut-el-Amara: Brits defeat Turks in Mesopotamia
1919 Fastest major league game (51 mins), Giants beat Phillies 6-1
1920 Baseball's biggest scandal, grand jury indicts 8 White Sox for throwing the 1919 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds
1920 Baseball's biggest scandal, grand jury indicts 8 White Sox for throwing the 1919 World Series with the Cincinnati Reds
1920 8 White Sox indicted, threw 1919 World Series (Black Sox scandal)
1920 Dirk Fock appointed as gov-gen of Neth Indies
1921 4th PGA Championship: Walter Hagen at Inwood CC Far Rockaway NY
1922 Mussolini marches on Rome
1923 Abyssinia (Ethiopia) leaves League of Nations
1923 Radio Times 1st published
1923 Yanks slaughter Red Sox 24-4
1924 2 US Army planes completed 1st around the world flight
1924 2 US Army planes completed 1st around the world flight
1924 2 US Army planes end around-world flight, Seattle to Seattle, 57 stops
1924 French govt names Gen Serrail gov-gen of Syria
1924 Gen Plutarco Calles elected president of Mexico
1926 Russia & Latvia treaty of neutrality signed
1928 1st recording session in Nashville (Warmack's Gully Jumpers)
1928 Juan de la Cierva makes 1st helicopter flight over English Channel
1928 NY Yanks clinch pennant #6
1928 Prussia forbids speech from Adolf Hitler
1928 US acknowledge Chinese govt of Chiang Kai-shek
1928 Valentin Katayev's "Kvadratura Kruga," premieres in Moscow
1929 1st CF interception return for a touchdown (Joe Hess-U of Alberta)
1930 Lou Gehrig's errorless streak ends at 885 consecutive games
1931 Peking (200,000 demonstrators demand declaration of war on Japan)
1932 NY Yankees win World Series The winning pitcher is Babe Ruth beating Red Sox 9-3
1933 Greer Garson wed Edward Snelson
1933 Sally Eilers weds Harry Joe Brown
1936 Bachelor's Children debuts on CBS radio (at 9:45 am)
1936 Brooklyn & Boston play a penalty free NFL game
1937 FDR dedicates Bonneville Dam on Columbia River (Oregon)
1937 Martha Raye divorces Bud Westmore
1938 Clare Boothe's "Boys Goodbye," premieres in NYC
1938 Dutch Premier Colijn sends radio message "No war coming"
1939 Estonia accepts Soviet military bases
1939 Final broadcast of The Fleischmann Hour was heard on radio
1939 Soviet-German treaty agree on 4th partition of Poland (WW II) & gives Lithuania to USSR, last Polish troops surrender
1940 Michigan's Tom Harmon runs 72, 86 & 94 yard touchdowns
1940 Nazi occupiers present "New Dutch Culture" in German
1940 Bud Brennan, a fan at Memorial Stadium, races out of stands & attempts to tackle Tom Harmon at 3-yard line, Harmon easily evades Brennan
1941 Phillies lose club record 111th game
1941 Ted Williams ended the baseball season with .406 batting avg
1942 Luftwaffe bombs Stalingrad
1942 NY Americans NHL team folded
1944 1st TV Musical comedy (The Boys from Boise)
1944 Battle of Arnhem, Germans defeat British airborne in Netherlands
1944 Nazi murders in Marzabotto, Italy (SS-major Reder)
1945 "Mildred Price" starring Joan Crawford opens at Strand
1945 Canadian football's Calgary Bronks changes its name to Stampeders
1945 Robert T Duncan appears as Tonio in "I Pagliacci"
1946 Greek king George II back in Athens
1948 WBAP-TV, (NBC affiliate) Fort Worth Texas, begins broadcasting
1949 "My Friend Irma" is 1st of 12 films starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
1950 Indonesia becomes 60th member of UN
1951 Allie Reynolds' 2nd no-hitter of 1951; Yanks clinch pennant #18
1951 Franchot Tone wed Barbara Payton
1951 Norm Van Brocklin of Rams passes for NFL-record 554 yards
1953 "Bob & Ray Show," TV Variety; last air on NBC
1953 "Juvenile Jury," TV Childrens, last airs on NBC, moved to CBS
1953 "Racket Squad," TV Crime Drama, last airs on CBS
1953 Dutch govt proclaims 5% general pay increase on Jan 1, 1954
1953 KOAT TV channel 7 in Albuquerque, NM (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting
1955 1st World Series color TV broadcast on NBC-TV (Yanks beat Dodgers)
1955 WITN TV channel 7 in Washington, NC (NBC) begins broadcasting
1956 "Johnny Carson Show," TV Variety; last airs on CBS-TV
1956 RCA Records reports Elvis Presley sold over 10 million records
1957 "Dollar A Second," last airs on NBC-TV
1957 "Gisele MacKenzie Show," debuts on NBC-TV
1957 "Honeycomb," by Jimmie Rodgers hits #1
1957 Dutch Queen Juliana opens Velser Tunnels
1958 France adopts constitution
1958 Guinea votes for independence from France
1958 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1958 USAF selects Thor over Jupiter rocket for mass production as ICBM's
1959 "Hennesey," debuts on CBS-TV
1959 Edward Franklin Albee's "zoo story," premieres in Berlin
1959 Explorer VI reveals an intense radiation belt around Earth
1960 "Millionaire," last airs on CBS-TV
1960 "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own," by Connie Francis hits #1
1960 "Queen For A Day," moves to ABC-TV
1960 "Sunrise at Campobello" premiered at Palace theater
1960 Ted Williams hits his final homer #521
1961 "Doctor Kildare," debuts on NBC-TV
1961 "Hazel," starring Shirley Booth debuts on NBC-TV
1961 "Purlie Victorious," a farce by Ossie Davis, opens on Broadway
1961 Syria withdraws from United Arab Republic
1961 Ted Williams hits a HR on his last at bat
1961 USN Comdr Forrest S Petersen takes X-15 to 30,720 m
1961 Walt Disney's movie "Grey Friars Bobby" premieres
1962 "Brighter Day," last airs on CBS-TV daytime
1962 "I'm Dickens, He's Fenster," debuts on ABC-TV
1962 "Jan Murray Show," last airs on NBC-TV
1962 "Tonight Show," last airs on NBC-TV
1962 "Verdict Is Yours," last airs on CBS-TV
1962 Alouette (Canada), 1st Canadian satellite, launched
1963 "King Leonardo," cartoon last airs on NBC-TV
1963 "Little Deuce Coupe" by The Beach Boys peaks at #15
1963 "Martian Hop" by The Ran-Dells peaks at #1
1963 "New Phil Silvers Show," debuts on CBS-TV
1963 "Nick Teen & Al K Hall" by Rolf Harris peaks at #95
1963 "Sally, Go 'Round The Roses" by Jaynetts peaks at #2
1963 "Shari Lewis Show," last airs on NBC-TV
1963 "Surfer Joe" by Surfaris peaks at #62
1963 "Tennessee Tuxedo," cartoon debuts on CBS-TV
1963 Giuseppe Cantarella roller-skates record 25.78 mph (415 k) for 440 yds
1963 Murray The K, a NY DJ plays "She Loves You" on the radio
1964 53rd Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in Cleveland (3-2)
1964 Suriname governor A Currie resigns
1965 Jack McKay in X-15 reaches 90 km
1965 Jack McKay in X-15 reaches 90 km
1965 Jack McKay in X-15 reaches 90 km
1965 Lava flows kill at least 350 (Taal Philippines)
1965 Volcano explodes on Luzon Philippines; 500 killed
1967 Walter Washington elected 1st mayor of Washington, DC
1968 "Happy Time" closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 286 performances
1968 "Hey Jude" by Beatles peaks at #1
1968 "Noel Coward's Sweet Potato" opens at Barrymore NYC for 17 perfs
1968 Alberto Giolani of Italy roller skates record 23.133 miles in 1 hr
1968 Atlanta Chiefs beat San Diego Toros 3-0 for NASL championship
1968 Beatles' "Hey Jude," single goes #1 & stays #1 for 9 weeks
1968 Chuck Hixson (Southern Methodist) completes 37 of record 69 passes
1968 Janis Joplin announces she's leaving "Big Brother & Holding Co"
1968 Marisa Danisi of W Germany roller skates record 21,995 miles in 1 hr
1969 Joe Kapp (Minn Vikings) passes for 7 touchdowns vs Balt Colts (52-14)
1969 Minnesota vs Baltimore, gains 530 yards passing!
1969 SPD wins West German Parliament elections
1970 Anwar Sadat replaces Nassar as President of Egypt
1970 Anwar Sadat replaces Nassar as President of Egypt
1970 "Words & Music," debuts on NBC-TV
1970 Anwar Sadat replaces Egyptian President Nassar
1970 Intrepid (US) beats Gretel II (Aust) in 22nd America's Cup
1970 Ringo Starr released his "Beaccups of Blues" album
1971 Cardinal Josef Mindszenty of Hungary took refuge in US Embassy in
1971 NY Times reports growing interest of white youth in black gospel music
1971 Budapest in 1956 to escape treason charges, ends exile & flies to Rome
1972 David Bowie sells out his 1st show in NY Carnegie Hall
1972 Japan & Communist China agree to re-establish diplomatic relations
1973 Palestinian Terrorists hijack Austrian train
1974 "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing" by Aretha Franklin peaks at #47
1974 "I'm A Ramblin' Man" by Waylon Jennings peaks at #75
1974 "Live It Up Part 1" by Isley Brothers peaks at #52
1974 "Papa Don't Take No Mess Part 1" by James Brown peaks at #31
1974 "Rock Me Gently" by Andy Kim peaks at #1
1974 "Surfin' USA" by Beach Boys reenters chart & peaks at #36
1974 1st Lady Betty Ford undergoes a radical mastectomy
1974 Calif Angel Nolan Ryan 3rd no-hitter beats Minn Twin, 4-0
1974 John Lennon appears as guest dj on WNEW-FM (NYC)
1974 Mick Ronson joins Mott the Hoople
1975 5th NYC Women's Marathon won by Kim Merritt in 2:46:14
1975 6th NYC Marathon won by Tom Fleming in 2:19:27
1975 Bill authorizes admission of women to military academies
1975 Oakland A's Vida Blue, Glenn Abbott, Paul Linblad & Rollie Fingers, no-hits Calif Angels 5-0
1976 A&M sues George Harrison who fails to meet deadline for LP completion
1976 Congress passes Toxic Substances Control Act
1976 Muhammad Ali beats Ken Norton in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1978 Israeli Knesset endorses Camp David accord
1978 Pieter Botha succeeds Vorster as premier of South Africa
1978 Syrians & Lebanese engage in heavy fighting in Lebanon
1979 Larry Holmes TKOs Earnie Shaver in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
1980 "Charlie & Algernon" closes at Helen Hayes Theater NYC after 17 perfs
1980 Carl Sagan's 13 part "Cosmos" premieres on PBS
1980 Jaromir Wagner is 1st to fly Atlantic standing on wing
1980 Jerilyn Britz wins LPGA Mary Kay Golf Classic
1981 Joseph Paul Franklin, avowed racist, sentenced to life imprisonment for killing 2 black joggers in Salt Lake City
1982 1st reports appear of death from cyanide-laced Tylenol capsules
1982 NASA launches Intelsat V
1983 STS-9 vehicle moves to launch pad
1984 1st floodlit ODI outside of Australia (India v Aust, New Delhi)
1984 Cleve Indians down 0-10 to Minn Twins, win 11-10
1985 "Don't Lose My Number" by Phil Collins peaks at #4
1985 "Every Step Of The Way" by John Waite peaks at #25
1985 "Freedom" by Wham! peaks at #3
1985 "Janet" by Commodores peaks at #87
1985 NASA launches Intelsat VA
1985 Race riot in London area of Brixton
1986 Record 23,000 start in a marathon (Mexico City)
1986 Tight end Brian Foster of RI catches NCAA record 18 passes for 327 yds
1986 Cleveland Browns' Gerald McNeil sets the team record for the longest punt return with an 84-yard run (and TD), Browns 24, Detroit 21
1987 "Star Trek: The Next Generation," debuts on syndicated TV
1987 Gladys Knight & Smokey Robinson on "$10,000 Pyramid"
1988 Bronx Museum for Arts opens
1988 Javed Miandad scores his 19th Test Cricket century (v Aus, Faisalabad)
1988 LA Dodger Orel Hershiser sets record for consecutive scoreless inns
1990 Exiled emir of Kuwait visits White House
1990 Marvin Gaye gets a star on Hollywood's walk of fame
1991 "Commish," debuts on ABC-TV
1991 "Good Time" by Ziggy Marley & Melody Makers peaks at #85
1991 "Love Of A Lifetime" by Firehouse peaks at #5
1991 "Shiny Happy People" by REM peaks to #10
1991 NY Yankees set record of 75 games without a complete pitched game
1991 UN weapons inspectors ends 5-day standoff with Iraq
1992 "Barry Manilow's Showstoppers" closes at Paramount Theater NYC
1992 "Dog City," cartoon debuts on Fox-TV
1992 Oakland A's win AL West title
1992 Pakistani Airbus A-300 crashes into mountain at Kathmandu, 167 dies
1993 Dennis Martinez is 7th to win 100 games in AL & NL
1993 Gas field in Caracas explodes, 53 killed
1993 Ron Wood releases "Slide On Live"
1994 "Baseball" TV Miniseries last airs on PBS
1994 "Cats" 5,000th Broadway performance (joins Chorus Line & Oh! Calcutta!)
1994 "Ed Wood" premieres
1994 909 people died when an Estonian ferry capsized & sank in Baltic sea
1994 Ferry boat Estonia capsize & sinks in East Sea, 909 killed
1995 "Batman Forever" released Czech Republic
1995 Dennis Martinez pitch breaks Kirby Puckett's jaw in Indians 12-4 win
1995 Mary Tyler Moore returns to series TV in "NY News," on CBS
1995 Singer Bobby Brown escapes injury in gun battle
1995 Troy Dixon scores cricket century on 1st-class debut for Qld v W Prov
1995 Yitzhak Rabin & Yasir Arafat, sign accord to transfer West Bank
1996 1st ODI played in Kenya between home team & Sri Lanka
1996 Joyce Giraud, crowned 8th Ms Venus Swimwear
1996 NY Yankee Jim Leyitz is 2nd catcher to wear a hockey mask
1996 Nebraska & Penn State are 5th & 6th major colleges to win 700
1996 Orioles' Roberto Alomar suspended 5 games for spitting at ump
1996 Troy Davis of Iowa State ran for 378 yards, 3rd highest in college football games (others: Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas & Alabama)
1997 32nd Ryder Cup: at Sotogrande Spain
1997 Emerald Coast Senior Golf Classic
1997 Newscaster David Brinkley, 74, retires after 54 years in broadcasting
1997 St Louis Card Mark McGwire hits his 58th HR of 1997 (34 with Oak A's)
1997 Wendy Ward wins LPGA Fieldcrest Cannon Classic
1998 Europe beats US in Ryder Cup, 14«-13«

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